Portland Preview

We are off to Portland tomorrow for a mini long weekend holiday. I’m looking forward to all the doughnuts, brunch, ice cream, cocktails, beer and other delicious food we will get to eat. Portland seems to have a lot of great foodie options! Scott printed out a map for me and I’ve been marking all the different recommended places on it for maximum tasty eats, no matter which area we end up in.

I also plan on stopping for Taco Bell breakfast on the way there. Hehehehe.

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Truong Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant

Takeout rare beef pho from Truong Thanh, another pho place close to our house. This whole spread only cost $6!!

It came with a plastic bowl of broth and noodles, a hefty container of thinly sliced rare beef and some veg and herbs, a bag of bean shoots, thai basil, lemon (DANG LIME SHORTAGE) and some sauce.

Everything all mixed up. I had to use a big mixing bowl to hold it all.

Everything tasted good, the broth was flavourful and the noodles were nice and chewy. They were quite generous with the amount of beef given, and it was sliced well. I was extremely impressed with the effort that goes into pho takeout. What a bargain!

Truong Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant 長城越南餐館 on Urbanspoon

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Video Of My Last Skeleton Run Of The Season

I finally got around to uploading the video of my very last skeleton run of the season. They had the CCTV going during the BC champs and I got one of the Alberta guys to record me. I cringe when I watch it, because it definitely wasn’t my best trip down the track, but oh well, it’s still kinda cool. (click through to my blog if the video doesn’t appear in your feed reader)

You can see the funny “flop” starts we were doing during that race. There are no grooves at corner 3 so it wasn’t safe to do much more than a step or two before laying down. We were doing a consistency race so while my start wasn’t very nice looking, or quick, at least it was the same every time.

And some final statistics and achievements of my 2013-2014 season: 71 runs (60 in Whistler and 11 in Calgary). 58 minutes and 29 seconds on my sled. Top speed: 127.9 km/hr. Competed in three fun races, didn’t do that well, but I never had many female competitors so I could say things like “Came in 1st in my category”, lol. Got to travel with the provincial team to train on a new track. Achieved my goal for the year of doing a running start (in Calgary). Moved up to corner 3 in Whistler. Made a lot of great new friends, aww.

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A Bit Of Admin Stuff

Lately I’ve been battling a bit of a spam comment problem. I’m talking 1500+ spam comments a day!!! Akismet correctly identified the comments as spam but wasn’t really doing anything to stem the flow. Anyway I’ve installed a couple extra plugins to see if I can block the spammers but it means that you will have to check a check box confirming you are not a spammer before hitting submit on a comment. I hope it does not discourage you from commenting because I love reading them!! Please let me know if you have any troubles at all.

PS I would appreciate it a ton if a few of you tried commenting on this post to test things out. THANKS!

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Bagel Street Cafe

Shrimp avocado bagel with tomato, sprouts, mayo, plain cream cheese on a garlic bagel.

YUM! The bagel was soft and chewy and the toppings were generous. The garlic bagel had a subtle garlic taste.

Rosemarie had a jalapeño bagel with egg and Canadian bacon and enjoyed it as well.

Another cool thing they do is sell bags of “yesterday’s bagels” for $2. They felt a bit tough in the bag, but once toasted they were just like fresh ones. Better than grocery store bagels for sure. If I’m ever in that area again I will drop in to get some more old bagels.

Bagel Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

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