For any newer readers: I took a picture of my dinner every day (errr minus about 12) for a whole year, and posted them every fortnight! It was annoying sometimes, but kinda cool in the end. You can see the entire collection of posts here.

December 15th, 2013 – scarfed some thai curry when I got home after skeleton. So hungry I forgot to take a picture.

december 16th, 2013 – chili garlic pasta

december 17th, 2013 – spicy thai beef with green beans and red peppers

december 18th, 2013 – kokoda

december 19th, 2013 – curry chick peas and spinach

december 20th, 2013 – ham and cheese croissant sandwich

december 21st, 2013 – beef stir fry with noodles

December 22nd, 2013 – bagel sandwich scarfed down after getting home late after skeleton.

december 23rd, 2013 – quesadilla with black beans, avocado, and peppers

december 24th, 2013 – dragon noodles with shrimp

december 25th, 2013 – butter chicken, green beans, and homemade naan

december 26th, 2013 – turkey, leek, mushroom risotto

december 27th, 2013 – yam tempura, salmon belly nigiri, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, dynamite roll, cream cheese yam etc. etc. at Sake Cafe

Rosemarie, Scott and I all ordered from the sushi combo menu so we had 9 different things to share. Sake Cafe has added more things to their combo choices now!! They have 96 different things to choose from and I find that amazing. Why order anything else from the menu when you can create your own perfect combination of foods yourself?! I love this restaurant!!

december 28th, 2013 – diy stuffed crust pizza

Mine had some parts with cheese strings, some parts with hot dogs, and some parts with both. LOL. The hot dog part was way too salty tbh, but the cheese parts were awesome.

december 29th, 2013 – cheesy chicken leek pasta bake

december 30th, 2013 – fridge leftovers omelette and a roll

december 31st, 2013 – quick grilled cheese

Quick grilled cheese before heading out to Scott’s friends place for early NYE celebrations, then bowling for late night celebrations!

Wow I seriously do not want to know how many calories and grams of sodium I ate in the last two weeks. We ate out A LOT!! Someone pass me the salad please.

december 1st, 2013 – turkey banh mi from Saigon Noodle in Kailua

december 2nd, 2013 – Loaded Nuggets Munchie Box from Jack in the Box in Kailua

As I learned a few months ago, Jack in the Box started selling these Munchie Boxes after 9PM for $6 (actually $7 in Hawaii). They’re pretty much for stoners. The boxes all come with a big drink, curly fries, regular fries, two tacos, and some kind of main dish. The options are

  1. Stacked Grilled Cheese Hamburger (hamburger with a grilled cheese as a top bun)
  2. Exploding Cheesy Chicken (chicken burger with mozarella sticks and cheese sauce on it)
  3. Loaded Nuggets (chicken nuggets with cheese, ranch and bacon on top)
  4. Brunch Burger (burger with egg on a croissant)

I chose the Loaded Nuggets and it was tasty. The tacos were two-dimensional. I nearly died of food overdose afterwards. Scott and Natasha had the Exploding Cheesy Chicken. Rosemarie was smarter and just ordered a regular burger.

I will probably never eat at Jack in the Box again.

Jack In The Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

december 3rd, 2013 – Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King in Honolulu

Our flight home left Honolulu airport at 11:30PM so we were at the airport very late. We didn’t realize that the food court was about to shut and were left with very very very limited options for dinner. This chicken sandwich was pretty gross but it was pretty much the only option left after 8:59PM.

december 4th, 2013 – alaska roll and spicy tuna roll, yam, potato and shrimp tempura from Sushi Garden

Rosemarie requested cheap sushi after being away from Vancouver for 1.5 years. Sushi Garden definitely hits the spot.

december 5th, 2013 – homemade falafel with tzatziki

Rosemarie made this and it was mega tasty. She says next time she will make the pitas too. BEST HOUSEGUEST EVER.

On December 6th Scott and I went to Kevin’s house for dinner. I didn’t take a picture because I was shy. They made a whole bunch of appetizers for dinner and everything was awesome.

december 7th, 2013 – quinoa with roasted vegetables, and sausage

december 8th, 2013 – spicy peanut cabbage salad and spicy chicken

december 9th, 2013 – pesto pasta bake and spicy cucumber salad

december 10th, 2013 – beans and rice with shrimp

december 11th, 2013 – slow cooker chicken and wild rice “soup” and raw carrots and cucumber

This was supposed to be a soup but turned out very very thick. Mmm glop. It still tasted fine, even though it is seriously not visually appealing.

december 12th, 2013 – ahi tuna club sandwich and fries at Joey’s

The doctors at the hospital I work at took us out for a lunch/dinner for the holidays. I had a tuna club sandwich and it was really good! The ahi tuna was pretty hefty, and just seared on the outside (the way I like it). The onion rings added crunch and the chutney and mayo sauce added even more tasty flavour. All the appetizers we ordered were really good too. I enjoyed this meal a lot.

december 13th, 2013 – hot and sour wings at The Pint

Expensive mediocre wings and a bland drink. The nacho I stole from the table next to us was the culinary highlight of the evening. Might not return.

december 14th, 2013 – microwave lasagna

To save money in Whistler we always try to bring as many meals with us as we can. This time we brought a frozen lasagna and cooked it in the microwave. We forgot to bring forks though so I had to eat it with a big knife.

This post is a bit late, since we were in Hawaii last Monday. No recipes for you this week since either Scott cooked, we ate out, or we were making random meals to use up all the food we had in the house before we left.

november 17th, 2013 – cannelloni

november 18th, 2013 – sesame chicken with vegetables and rice

November 19th, 20th and 21st I was working at the data centre and forgot to take a picture of my dinner because my routine was all off. I had leftovers from the previous nights dinner.

november 22nd, 2013 – turkey pot pie

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The last fortnight was pretty unusual. Brett was visiting, and I started working at the hospital. Visitors and working so much meant eating a lot of meals away from home.

november 3rd, 2013 – mr. noodles with egg and sriracha

november 4th, 2013 – crunch wrap and taco from Taco Bell

Scott picked this up for me on his way home from Seattle. TRU LUV.

november 5th, 2013 – yam tempura, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, salad and miso from Sake Cafe

november 6th, 2013 – salmon sushi, spicy tuna roll, spider roll, and unpictured salad and miso soup from Sake Cafe

november 7th, 2013 – leftover sushi

So much sushi. The leftovers didn’t taste great… I’m kind of sick of sushi at the moment. O_O

november 8th, 2013 – queso fundido (and tacos) from La Mezcaleria

Now THIS tasted great. I want to go back to this restaurant really bad!

november 9th, 2013 – caramelized salsa pumpkin with black beans

This tasted a lot better than it looks. It was only burnt on the outside. The insides tasted delicious!

november 10th, 2013 – vegetable lasagna

THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA EVER!! Or at least one of the best things I have made in a while. I highly recommend this recipe! The sweet pomegranate tastes awesome with the salty garlic kale. I wasn’t sure it would (why it’s only on one quarter of the pizza in that picture), but it totally did. By the way I didn’t have pine nuts, parmesan or fontina as the recipe calls for, and it still tasted AMAZING. So you can save a little money by leaving out a few ingredients. We used naan bread as crust.

november 12th, 2013 – leftover vegetable lasagna

november 13th, 2013 – leftover scotanoff

November 14th, 2013 I ate leftover sriracha mac and cheese and sausage at work but forgot to take a picture.

november 15th, 2013 – green olive, sausage and mushroom pizza from Domino’s

Pouring rain and didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered delivery for the first time ever. What luxury.

november 16th, 2013 – crescent rolls stuffed with cheese and green onions, and unpictured popcorn

Lady dinner with Morgan up at Whistler. We watched The Way Way Back and stuffed our faces with popcorn and pinot grigio. Fun times!

Getting near the end! I don’t usually forget to take my dinner pictures, but we’ve been SOOOO busy lately it kept slipping my mind until I was already a couple mouthfuls into my food. So this post has a lot of sloppy pictures with bites taken out of them. OOPS!!

Favourite recipe #22: Budget Bytes Turkey Sriracha Meatballs. Can’t wait to buy her cookbook.

october 20th, 2013 – chicken and fries from Church’s Chicken

october 21st, 2013 – homemade chicken soup with kale

october 22nd, 2013 – costco veggie burger and yam

october 23rd, 2013 – blue cheese turkey meatloaf, rice, beans and broccoli and strange yellow sauce

The sauce was a fail. It was very bland. Everything else was good though!

More pictures behind the cut.

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