I just realized that I never actually posted my 2016 video on here. I spammed it everywhere else, but not on the ol’ blog. So… here it is! What an epic year it was.

My favourite clips are Feb 29th, May 12th, and May 21st. :D

This video makes me happy. I can tell it’s been a great year when I see all the travel I got to do and how many games nights with friends we had. Although I have to say I am very glad I don’t have to do this any more.¬†You do not understand how hard it is to remember to take a video when you’re doing something really fun and/or cool! So many things didn’t end up making it into the video that I would have wanted.

Anyway here it is, (most of) my 2014. :)

Despite the deafening silence… I actually have lots I want to say.

Ironically, attending the food bloggers conference made me terrified to blog again. I learned so many useful things about blogging over the weekend, but the major points were all about QUALITY, FOCUS, AUTHENTICITY, VULNERABILITY. Scary things. I have a lot of thinking and work I need to do on this ol’ website but I’ve been really busy with work lately so haven’t been able to execute anything yet.

So… perhaps changes coming in the future. But for now, here’s my One Second Everyday video from August to October (forgot to post the compilation for a while so now it’s a triple edition). And I’ll be back soon with a picture dump of all the amazing food we got to eat at FBC2014, and with updates about work and skeleton and life.