I’ve found my dream restaurant.

Cider and cheese flight.

The ciders L-R: a pretty normal cider from UK, Kelly Brothers pear cider that tasted weird and vanilla-y, delicious Barossa Valley squashed apple cider, and a very dry very French Cidre Brut from Normandie.

The cheese L-R: Cabots cheddar from USA, Mountain Man brie(?), Meredith Farm chevre, Langres from France. I REALLY liked the last one, it was nice and stinky and creamy. The others were nice, but I preferred the cheeses from Scott’s board. He liked my chevre better than his goat cheese though!

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of any of Scott’s cheeses. But his board came with a quite firm bit of goats cheese, a delicious mushroom-y brie, an amazing cheddar with lots of those crunchy bits (the best!!!), some quince paste, and some salami. The breads and lavosh were also very nice.

Had a bit of cheese-sweats going on after this nutritious dinner. ;D

They also have some hot foods on their menu, in addition to many different cheese boards. I will have to go back again to try some more sometime, I trust that it’s all amazing.

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A new restaurant opened very close to our apartment. I had been craving dumplings ever since moving back to Melbourne, so we went to check it out the other week. We were the only people in the whole restaurant, which was a little weird. I walk by there all the time and they never have any customers! Doubutful they will survive, tbh.

Salt and pepper calamari. Quite good. Tempura batter was thin and crispy, and not too oily. Calamari was tender.

Panfried chicken and prawn dumplings. Also good. Wrapper wasn’t too thick. Nice and juicy dumplings.

Spring onion pancake. We weren’t too impressed with this. Why did they deepfry it?? It wasn’t very nice.

Fried overload. Kinda our fault, we didn’t order well.

Prices were higher than I expected but they gave us $10 off, so that was nice.

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I finally got to try a Scotch Egg!

Actually the original plan was to meet Scott for lunch at the Masterchef event he saw on his walk to work. But it was SOOO busy and we couldn’t even figure out where the line started. Instead we just snooped around a bit and tried to get in the background of shots. I watched Gary, George and Matt taste some of the foods (although they didn’t actually eat much!), and we saw some of the competitors. There was quite a few of them on each team so I don’t think we really saw any big spoilers. There were people ERRYWHERE.

Then we walked a street over and ordered a couple scotch eggs from Good Egg where it was much less hectic.

We got one of each: a falafel scotch egg with harissa and tahini dressing, and a pork and fennel scotch egg with roast tomato relish. They were both great. Crispy crunchy coating on the outside with a perfect soft boiled egg in the middle. Scott really liked the falafel one, but I preferred the pork. The sweet tomato relish complimented the salty traditional scotch egg nicely.

They were only $5.50 each and quite filling, definitely one of the better value food options in Melbourne! Plus our server was very friendly. All in all a great experience.

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I just realized that I never actually posted my 2016 video on here. I spammed it everywhere else, but not on the ol’ blog. So… here it is! What an epic year it was.

My favourite clips are Feb 29th, May 12th, and May 21st. :D

This year I got myself a cider advent calendar, because… Treat Yo Self. I figured it would be a great way for me to try out a bunch of Aussie ciders and hopefully find some new favourites! It was mostly great, there was only one that I couldn’t finish (why would someone make a cider with hops in it?? blech). And it really was a fun way to count down until Christmas.

Here are my thoughts, mostly for my records. Note: I prefer very very dry ciders.

  • 1. The Hills Cider Company Apple & Ginger – quite gingery, not too sweet 7/10
  • 2. Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider – really tasted like pink lady, a little sweet 6/10
  • 3. The Apple Thief William Pear Cider – fine 6/10
  • 4. Pipsqueak Apple Cider – not too sweet, yum 8/10
  • 5. Woolshed Utopia Hard Lemonade – not too sweet, but not a cider! 6/10

  • 6. Napoleone Apple Cider – standard, not too sweet 8/10
  • 7. James Squire Orchard Crush Pear Cider – tasty 7/10
  • 8. Batlow Premium Cider – pretty dry 8/10
  • 9. Pagan Cider Apple –  nice 8/10
  • 10. Crushed Pear Aussie Cider –  generic, bleh 5/10

  • 11. Treehouse Cider – nice 9/10
  • 12. Tuckerbox Premium Apple Cider – also nice 8/10
  • 13. The Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider – meh 7/10
  • 14. Willie Smiths Farmhouse Perry – different 6/10
  • 15. Batlow Cloudy Cider – good 7/10

  • 16. Golden Axe Apple Cider – Jemma drank this one ?/10
  • 17. James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider – one of my pub favourites 9/10
  • 18. Australian Brewery The Fresh Press Cider – kinda gross 5/10
  • 19. Crisp Draught Aussie Cider – fine I guess 7/10
  • 20. Pagan Cider Cherry – I don’t like cherries 4/10

  • 21. Woolshed Brewery Utopia Apple & Pear Cider – literally tastes like juice 7/10
  • 22. The Hills Cider Company Hop Edition – why would I want a cider that tastes like beer 0/10
  • 23. Napoleone Cloudy Cider – not too sweet, nice 8/10
  • 24. Willie Smith Bone Dry Apple Cider – very dry! 8/10
  • 25. Forbidden Fruit Cider Original (unpictured) – smelled like body odour 4/10