April 2024

Feels like ancient history at this point but here we go…

Jen had a birthday party in Bis’s common room where we all got to make our own books! She brought tons of supplies and helped us put them together. Very cool activity. We also played games and had a baked potato bar, and tried all sorts of crazy Kit Kats.

Ben & Jerry’s free cone day. Only had to wait 2 minutes in line too. I quite like their vegan cookie dough ice cream.

Jess told us about this art exhibit called DISH at Boroondara Town Hall. It was pretty neat! Scott appreciated the crochet stuff now that he knows how it’s done. There was a bunch of ceramic foods as well. We liked the banh mi the most.

Rally + Crafternoon combo day.

(This is what I was working on.) A gigantic beanie. It’s extremely warm because the band is like 4 layers of 8-ply wool. Scott has been using it inside the house. :P

I was a bit apprehensive about our April #SMAJ because it was in the exact same place that we’d gone for a previous SMAJ that was a bit meh. But this one was better. You basically just watched a BBC documentary about animals from all around the world on all the screens all over the place. Then we did the photobooth and got burgers for dinner.

Michael and Gina had us over for a delicious noodle dinner and to play Inis, Michael’s new favourite game. I found it a bit confusing, but we mostly got it by the end. Gina won twice. :D

Big Salad, and doughnuts from an appreciative patient. Balance.

Unpictured Stuff:

  • I competed in the Victorian Masters Championships. My first actual Masters competition. I didn’t have the best snatch day (45x/46/49x) and STILL couldn’t get a 60kg clean and jerk (56/59/61x) but at least I did 59kg which is technically a comp PB. I dunno. Weightlifting is annoying sometimes. Anyway I still got a silver medal (there were only two people in my category). Pretty much everyone there got a medal. I don’t have plans to compete again until the end of the year.
  • We went to a different brand of trivia one night with a couple of Scott’s friends, and even though there were approx 50 teams there, we won!
  • We started playing pickleball twice a week. There’s a new session that started up on Thursday nights that is all levels so we’ve brought tons of friends to come try. It’s been fun.

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