Favourite Recipes of 2013 Catch Up

Rosemarie said I should choose a favourite recipe from each Daily Dinners post and then at the end of the year I will have a great collection of 26 recipes. I think this is a super idea so bear with me while I quickly catch up with the weeks I have missed.

Favourite Recipe #1: Beans and rice, with shrimp. The original recipe is WAY TOO SALTY but other than that it is flipping delicious. And cheap. We add the shrimp and omit all the salt.

Favourite Recipe #2: Shrimp with fried egg and avocado and green onion on rice. There isn’t really much of a recipe for this except cook all that stuff and put it together on a plate. Serve with soy sauce. It takes like 4 minutes to make it excluding the rice.

Favourite Recipe #3: Butternut mac ‘n’ cheese with caramelized onions, bacon, and apple. SO GOOD. Cassia tried it and she liked it too. I roast my own pumpkin because I am anti-canned pumpkin. The recipe is time consuming but so worth it. I may never stop talking about it.

Favourite Recipe #4: Dragon noodles. Scott made it and it was awesome. Leftovers weren’t good though, so just make enough for dinner.

OK back to work for me. I still have 4 midterms, 4 labs, a case study, AND MORE to get through before I can fully relax on the beach/rollercoaster. Ah and I also have skeleton this weekend.

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