Friday and Saturday

I thought I was going to have some exciting news for you, but I found out on Friday that I didn’t get the job. I had applied for a paid blogger position for BCIT where you blogged about what it’s like to be a student there every week. I got pretty excited because I was sure I was going to get it, I wrote a great cover letter and I have 5 years of blogging experience! But alas, I got rejected. WHYYYYY? The part that sucks the most is that I’m pretty much still going to do the job by posting in MY blog, but now I don’t get paid. Wahhhhh. That was a bummer.

On Friday night we went out to a concert at the Commodore. We saw a Mexican chick who was ok, Oh Land who was pretty awesome, and Sia who was hilarious and great and sooooo weird. It was a fun fun show. I liked that in between each song she would chit chat with the audience. 99% of what she said though was not blog appropriate. The set was very crafty DIY. She had a big back board with dot paintings and pom poms spelling out her name, and there were crocheted (that word does not look how it sounds!) blankets all over the place, and every microphone stand had a crocheted cozy for it. She also wore this crazy ruffled costume with neon lady parts embroidered on it.

Then after the show we dropped by Ryan’s goodbye party which was unfortunately in an extremely hot, sticky-floored, smelly dance club. We stayed there too long and missed the last Skytrain home. We had to take a bus that turned out to be a horrible horrible experience. I am never staying out past 12:45 am again!!!!

I slept in a lot on Saturday. Scott did not though, he woke up with a horrible toothache and swelling so he had to go to a dental clinic. They gave him some drugs, and I dragged him along on the plans we had already made for the day. Zsofi and Dylan picked us up and we went out to Alouette Lake, since it was TWENTY NINE DEGREES. WHATTTTT????

It was super nice there, very picturesque, but the water was soooooo cold! Didn’t do too much swimming. It was still nice though, and relaxing. We stayed there until Scott’s tooth was hurting too much and then we came home and I made quesadillas for dinner.

Zsofi and Scott.

Dylan, the only one of us who went all the way in!

See that annoying tree?

All of us!

Now Scott is out golfing with his work, and I am bumming around the apartment. I am officially on holiday now and that feels really nice. I expect the next couple weeks to be pretty busy though.

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