Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Movie

Last night we decided to go out and see the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie. We hadn’t done much through the day so it was good to get out of the house.

Both of us had read listened to the books last year so we were quite excited to see the movie.

I’ll keep my review spoiler-free.

I thought it wasn’t bad! I mean, it was like the books in fast-forward. They did change some things, but I am not the type that gets mad when the movie is not exactly the same as the book. In fact I was quite impressed by how they condensed someĀ plot linesĀ and still had a good story.

When I listened to the books last year I really thought they could have been improved by better editing. The books were SO boring in some parts. I felt like they should have cut a lot, but maybe the death of the author (Stieg Larsson) stopped this from happening.

The movie did this editing, and I liked it.

By the way, how weird was it to see Joost from The Way in a totally opposite kind of role.

Can’t wait until the next movie!


  1. Oh yay! Just (as in 5 min ago) finished the second book, a great Christmas pressie! Looking forward to the movie it is released here on the 12th of Jan- will make sure I get to see it!

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