I Have Questions For You

1. OK this is really a hypothetical question, I have not gotten any job offers, but it’s just something that I’ve been thinking about. So I am studying nuclear medicine technology right now, which is basically training us to be nuclear medicine technologists that work in hospitals. That’s fine. But sometimes our teachers tell us about other job possibilities like radiation safety officer, or central pharmacy worker, or something at BC Cancer, for example. Would accepting a job in something different like that be a good idea? As a first job? What if the job might not last forever? I worry about what would happen if I did something like work for a central pharmacy for a while, but then the job ends, and then I would have been several years out of date with things like working with patients etc. etc. and I wonder if it would be very difficult to get another job after that. Is that realistic? Are other types of jobs a good or bad idea? In the overall life career sense, I guess.

2. How do you decide when you can afford something, like going on a trip? I mean, if you are putting money in savings, and gradually accumulating money, how do you decide if you should do something fun or not? We don’t really have any specific savings goals at the moment since we don’t need a car or a house here, and are socking away money for the future… but then decisions need to be made like ‘can we really afford to go on three vacations this year’ or something like that and I have no idea. Any advice?

Anyway I would love it if you left me a comment with anything about these topics that you know something about or have thought about before. Or if you have no idea either.


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