What an excellent weekend.

FRIDAY Rosemarie came over and we played two games of Agricola and made moo shu pork (and tofu), including homemade flour wraps, and dairy free peppermint brownies. We stuffed ourselves and Scott drank homeless man beer, haha.

SATURDAY MEP and Paul picked us up in their fancy town car and we took the ferry across to Langdale and then went for lunch at a restaurant with an amazing ocean view in what I thought was Sechelt but according to Google Maps there are TWO Sechelts in BC and neither of them are even close to the restaurant, yet the restaurant address says Sechelt. WHAT?
Anyway it was on the Sunshine coast and it really was sunny. Not a cloud in the sky the whole day.
We checked out a few beaches and piers and skipped rocks and froze our ears off.
Then we checked out Gibsons’ houseboats and sea otters and soaked in more amazing water + mountain views.

We ferried back and then detoured through We$$$T Van and admired the mansions and the sunset views, then did a super fast hike at dusk down to a lighthouse.
After that we came back in to the city and had dinner at…. SUSHI BANG! The waitress actually teased Scott for ordering something different. Yes, she knows us.

We got dropped off and Scott and I watched a movie.
What a big day!!!

SUNDAY I stayed in bed all morning. Finished up the last of my university paperwork, and painted another Settlers painting (only three more to go!). Now I am editing pictures (panorama time!) and soon I will make some notes for my interview on Wednesday.


  1. Any word yet from Michener? They can be slow. I got a call from Waterloo but I am pretty sure UBC won’t work out because guelph didn’t send my transcripts fast enough:(. Problem is I have a new chiropody job so I may not even go in the fall so I can work a save some money.


  2. nope nothing from michener yet. i actually had to resend all my stuff to them again because apparently they lost it the first time. grrr. the deadline for that isn’t even until end of march, so i wasn’t expecting anything any time soon.

    bummer about ubc but great about waterloo and the new job!!!

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