Skiing At Mount Seymour

Scott, Rosemarie and I went to Mt. Seymour last night, with a friend of mine from class. They have ‘ladies night’ on Monday evenings so Rosemarie and I got our tickets for free.

We did a whole big equipment switcheroo, which I think is pretty awesome. We started off with:

  • me using Rosemarie’s ski boots and skis
  • Scott using my old snowboard and his boots
  • Rosemarie using her snowboard boots and her snowboard

but then Scott’s boots were too big for my old snowboard so Rosemarie and him switched boards. So everyone was using someone else’s equipment! Funnily enough we were all happier that way than with our own stuff.

Anyway the conditions were pretty abysmal. Well that’s not entirely true, the snow was lovely and there was no ice on the ground, but the visibility was TERRIBLE.

Night skiing + snowy ice + fogged up goggles is a terrible combination. I could only see out the bottom 1 cm of my goggles, and only when I was right underneath a lamp, basically. I spent a lot of my time blindly skiing towards the light.

It was my first time skiing since our family trip to Whistler, in 2003, I think. It all came back to me though and I really enjoyed it. Skiing was 98327987827323 times more fun than snowboarding at Whistler, so I think I’m going to switch back.

I really like that picture of Rosemarie!

I should have spent more time with Scott. He was really struggling by himself, but then at the end of the night I went and found him and gave him a little lesson on turning and even linking turns. By the end of the run he did 6 turns in a row! This was a breakthrough moment. I’m not sure anyone had ever really told him what he should try and do so he was doing some kind of weird switching back and forth thingy before, left foot forward one second, then right foot forward the next. Anyway I think he’s doing quite a bit better now and hopefully understands what to do a bit more. Too bad we might not have a chance to go again this year.

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