Triple Movie Weekend

On Friday night we watched The Descendants, last night In Time, and tonight we will go see Hunger Games!

The Descendants was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD. I cried A LOT. That did not help the¬†swollen¬†eyes situation. I miss my mom. To counteract the sob-fest we chose a dumb movie for yesterday, and yeah… it was dumb. I’m very excited for the Hunger Games movie tonight though!

We’ve seen a lot of Rosemarie lately. It’s so nice. Yesterday she came over to pick up her sushi helmet and her and Scott went to play basketball for a bit and then they played the NHL game while I worked on some homework and rubbed my eyes.

I like seeing them doing stuff together without me. :’)

We also played a game of Carcassonne and ate the dinner that Scott made (slow cooker potato soup and olive bread).

I’m feeling a bit better today. I’m well stocked with Halls and Claritin and anti-histamines and eye drops, plus I’ve been putting a damp wash cloth over my eyes when I would usually rub them and that feels really good. We’ll see how tomorrow goes– the forecasted alder pollen count is THREE HUNDRED (>85 is considered HIGH)!!!


  1. I too sobbed while watching The Descendants and thought alot about your mom and both of you. Even more embarassing, is that I watched it while on a plane. Sometimes it is good to remember…and think about the good times. She would be so proud of both of you!

    1. ahah oh dear. i’m very glad i was just at home watching it, i would have looked pretty bad coming out of the movie theatre!!!

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