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Spatchcock (aka Butterflied) Turkey

Canadian Thanksgiving is long over, but I still think about the turkey we made all the time. It turned out SO GOOD. And it only took 80 minutes to roast a 16 lbs bird! Rosemarie declared that she’s never eating turkey again unless it’s spatchcocked, hahaha. Anyway since American Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up, here we go.

Look how beautiful it turned out!!

I used the Serious Eats set of instructions. They promised that spatchcock (aka butterflied) would ensure that the breast AND thigh meat would cook at the perfect rate and result in a perfect flavourful juicy turkey.

They recommend a dry brine, which is excellent because it’s stupid easy: Wash & dry your (defrosted) turkey, mix up 1/2 cup kosher salt & 2 tbsp baking powder, sprinkle the mixture over all sides of the turkey. Leave the turkey uncovered in the fridge for 12-24 hours. That’s it.

Thanksgiving Day I picked up Leslie and some shears and we got to work. Warning! Gory raw meat pictures ahead! This slideshow was extremely helpful for the prep and the carving.

First cut up one side of the spine.

Then the other side.

Remove the spine and cut off the plastic leg holder thingy.

Flip the bird over and press down hard on the sternum to crack it so you can make the bird as flat as possible. I was not strong enough to do this so Scott jumped off a chair and did a sweet wrestling drop. It cracked.

Just like this.

Cut off all the extra bits of skin around the neck and the… butt?

Flat Stanley. With tucked in wings.

Pop it onto a wire rack on top of vegetables on top of a baking sheet. PS I love our enormous baking sheet. I sprinkled on a few herbs. No butter or salt. And bake! At 450ºF.

There wasn’t much drippings, I guess because we removed a lot of the extra skin and didn’t use any butter. Healthy!

We baked our 16 lbs bird for 80 minutes and honestly it probably only needed 70 minutes, because when I checked the temperature in the breast it was already higher than 150ºF. Whatev it still turned out extremely moist and flavourful. Like a 9.7 out of 10. Rosemarie said she ate 4 times as much meat as she usually does.

Next time will be 10 out of 10. :D :D Can’t wait.

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Wolf in the Fog in Tofino, BC

Wolf in the Fog is a relatively new restaurant in Tofino that got super duper popular after winning an award last year. It’s a pretty big restaurant, with a surfy vibe, with mismatched thrifted dishes. They have an incredibly interesting cocktail menu, large sharing platters, and small dishes to choose from.

I had two drinks. The first was the Hanging Garden: gin, martini bianco, sorrel and lemon. It tasted awesome. It SMELLED awesome. So refreshing. Sorrel is my new favourite herb, it’s sweet and a little bit sour when you chew it, like a candy. The second drink was the Cedar Sour: cedar infused rye, lemon, thyme and egg white. This one also smelled amazing, like walking through a forest. It was a bit stronger, but very drinkable.

We ordered a whole bunch of food, hehe. Everything just sounded so good!!

Potato crusted oysters sounded so intriguing, but wasn’t our favourite. It had some kind of thick paste inside of it that was a bit stodgy. The potato was cool, but I think I just prefer my oysters raw.

We got a salad that had smoked trout, beets and a whole bunch of other things that I can’t remember now. Their menu is seasonal and the same salad isn’t on there any more! Oops. Anyway it was a good salad and they were pretty generous with the smoked fish.

We also got a squid dish that had grapefruit, cilantro, basil and sprouts. The squid was cooked perfectly tender, not chewy at all. It was lovely. Well balanced dish.

We also split an entrée. They were very accommodating and split the dish on to two plates for us. We had the halibut with gnocchi, sorrel, peas, pickled onion, and again more that I am probably forgetting. The fish was cooked perfectly and I loved the fresh lemony sorrel.

We were stuffed but still found room for dessert. We had the sticky date caramelized banana sundae and it was awesome. Sweet, salty, bitter, creamy, crunchy, warm and cold. Checks all the boxes.

Overall we were very happy with our meal and experience. They really do have helpful staff, who will help you decide things and get stuff split if you want. I would love to go back and try a few more of their unique cocktails for sure.

Wolf in the Fog Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Fish Store & Oyster Bar in Tofino, BC

After coming back from the hot springs we were a little worn out, kind of dirty, and MEGA hungry. We parked the car in the middle of Tofino and wandered around in search of seafood. The Fish Store and Oyster Bar (that’s the actual name!) was perfect.

I was having MAJOR indecision with the menu. I couldn’t stop flipping between the mussels and clams with bread, and the shrimp and scallops dishes. Like seriously I must have changed my mind 20 times. Eventually I just told the waitress that I couldn’t decide and asked her what I should get. She said that the shrimp and scallops dish was actually pretty small, and if I wanted she could actually get the cooks to make me the mussels and clams dish with a bunch of scallops too FOR THE SAME PRICE. OMG! Made my day.

So that’s my giant bowl of mussels, clams AND scallops, with a butter garlic sauce, and bread. It was SOOOO GOOD. It came with FIVE scallops on the shell! Plus probably 10 each of mussels and clams. Yum yum yum. I was extremely pleased. I love molluscs.

Scott got a Thai salmon noodle dish. He thought it was delicious. I don’t know what else to say about it.

They also have a small shop in the back of the restaurant. We bought a little bit of their smoked salmon to put on bagels for the next day’s breakfast. The guy was nice and rung it up as smoked tuna to make it cheaper too, awesome.

Overall we were really happy. Great service, great food. Highly recommended.

Fish Store and Oyster Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Tofino, BC in the Fall





We arrived in Tofino right at dinner time. We checked into our cabin and then headed into town. By chance we ended up on the pier right at the right time and saw a GORGEOUS sunset over the harbour. So nice.

ice house oyster bar

Dinner at the Ice House Oyster Bar overlooking water and the fading sunset. Not sure why this restaurant doesn’t have a Zomato profile, it was great! All their waiters have man buns and/or beards and are very enthusiastic.

I had a cider mule (BC Rumrunner cider w/ fresh lime, house made ginger syrup and vodka) that was huge and very tasty. I love when cocktails aren’t tiny things!

We shared this cold seafood platter that came with ceviche, smoked halibut, clams, crab and shrimp. The smoked fish and ceviche were particularly great. We also split a challah bread pudding dessert.

tofino brewing co

I really like the glasses from the Tofino Brewing Co. Actually lots of things in Tofino are wave-themed: the pedestrian crossings, the bike racks, etc. Cute.

Tofino is pretty awesome. It’s relaxed and beachy with tons of awesome food options. We spent a lot of time chilling out at our cabin or the beach just staring out at the ocean, watching surfers and paddle boarders and dogs and campfires. Our cabin was right on the water and it was lovely to hear the waves crashing on the beach all the time.

wild pacific trail

One day we drove down to Ucluelet to walk the Wild Pacific Trail. We did the lighthouse section and part of the coast section. Both very nice walks, quite easy on well made trails, with beautiful ocean views. We kept looking for whales but didn’t see any.

Ucluelet was verrrrrry quiet, and the lunch we had their was pretty terrible, so neither of us really liked the town, especially compared to Tofino. Also the drive between the two towns is ultra boring.

ocean village resort

ocean village resort

Cross stitching on our porch while watching yet another gorgeous sunset. Not pictured: glass of wine. Perfection.

It was sunny every day, which was great (but no storm watching). Too cold to swim though. I was planning on surfing, but kept procrastinating, until the last day when I woke up early all ready to go… until I checked the surf report and saw that the waves were 1 foot tall. Dang it. It was dumb of me to assume that the waves would be the same (good) every day. :/

Another trip highlight was the hot springs, but I took so many pictures I’ll have to make it into another post. Plus I have three more food reviews that I’ll have to make into separate posts too. Tofino overload, sorry not sorry!

wildside grill

We made most breakfasts at our cabin (bagels with cream cheese and local smoked salmon or tuna, OM NOM NOM), but the first morning we went to Wildside Grill.

I ordered the breakfast tacos (fried eggs, cheese, chipolte mayo, salsa, guacamole, lettuce, cilantro and green onions in a corn tortilla) and Scott got huevos rancheros (two overeasy eggs, cheese, pinto beans and salsa roja, guacamole, cilantro and green onion in corn tortillas). They were sloppy deliciousness. The eggs exploded with runny yolk. I liked the breakfast tacos slightly more than the huevos because of the freshness of the salsa, but both were definitely great.

Apparently Wildside Grill has the best fish & chips in town, and possibly better fish tacos than Tacofino, but we didn’t have enough meals on our trip to make it back. Next time!

Wildside Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Victoria, BC

Last week Scott and I took a holiday to Vancouver Island. We took the ferry to Victoria first to visit Leslie. The ferry to Victoria is so cool!! I was really surprised that such a large boat would weave its way through such narrow passages. Man some of those properties on Galiano and Mayne Island look so appealing. We didn’t see any whales, unfortunately.

Killing some time while Leslie was at school with a Kiwanis Club butter tart on the beach.

When Leslie was ready we picked her up from school and drove downtown. We wandered around the waterfront area for a bit and then had a delicious dinner at the Flying Otter Grill. It was yummy and I would have reviewed it properly but it was too dark and my food pictures look like poop.

The next day we went to Fisherman’s Wharf, a tiny neighbourhood of floating houses and tourist attractions. It was neat. We watched a lucky seal (?) get fed dozens of fish. Plenty of good photo opportunities there.

We headed back downtown, poked around Chinatown, drank really tasty bubble tea, squeezed through Fan-Tan Alley, etc etc. Probably more stuff that I am currently forgetting.

red fish, blue fish

red fish, blue fish

Then lunch at Red Fish, Blue Fish, on the water again. The line was pretty long, but it was worth it! Between the three of us we had chowder, jerk fish poutine, and three tacos (Albacore tuna, tempura cod, jerk fish). We were all stuffed.

The chowder was not your typical creamy potato chowder, instead it was tomato-based, spicy, coconut-y, with tons of big pieces of seafood, plus a lot of corn. Really really good soup. The poutine was a little odd (who makes fish poutine?), but tasty. Spicy halibut, cod, tuna and salmon over fries with a creamy dressing. And my Albacore tuna taco was really good. The fish was grilled rare perfectly.

Red Fish, Blue Fish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Then we dropped Leslie back at her house and Scott and I started the 4.5 hour journey to Tofino!

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