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Portland Preview

We are off to Portland tomorrow for a mini long weekend holiday. I’m looking forward to all the doughnuts, brunch, ice cream, cocktails, beer and other delicious food we will get to eat. Portland seems to have a lot of great foodie options! Scott printed out a map for me and I’ve been marking all the different recommended places on it for maximum tasty eats, no matter which area we end up in.

I also plan on stopping for Taco Bell breakfast on the way there. Hehehehe.

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Truong Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant

Takeout rare beef pho from Truong Thanh, another pho place close to our house. This whole spread only cost $6!!

It came with a plastic bowl of broth and noodles, a hefty container of thinly sliced rare beef and some veg and herbs, a bag of bean shoots, thai basil, lemon (DANG LIME SHORTAGE) and some sauce.

Everything all mixed up. I had to use a big mixing bowl to hold it all.

Everything tasted good, the broth was flavourful and the noodles were nice and chewy. They were quite generous with the amount of beef given, and it was sliced well. I was extremely impressed with the effort that goes into pho takeout. What a bargain!

Truong Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant 長城越南餐館 on Urbanspoon

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Bagel Street Cafe

Shrimp avocado bagel with tomato, sprouts, mayo, plain cream cheese on a garlic bagel.

YUM! The bagel was soft and chewy and the toppings were generous. The garlic bagel had a subtle garlic taste.

Rosemarie had a jalapeño bagel with egg and Canadian bacon and enjoyed it as well.

Another cool thing they do is sell bags of “yesterday’s bagels” for $2. They felt a bit tough in the bag, but once toasted they were just like fresh ones. Better than grocery store bagels for sure. If I’m ever in that area again I will drop in to get some more old bagels.

Bagel Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

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Deep Purple

Scott killing his forearms at Rosemarie’s bouldering charity event. I had to help attach ice packs to Scott’s wrists with elastic bands, haha. Bouldering is fun, but hard! Ow my lats.

I LOVED having purple hair but I didn’t love how fast it faded, and the mess. Oh god, the mess. It stains everything!! Shower curtain, clothes, bed sheets, couch cover… everything. So I made an appointment at the Aveda school to get it all fixed up. I asked for permanent bright purple but to be honest we had no idea what shade it would come out since it would be a mix of types of pigments. It ended up coming out super dark purple, and I love it. I wish I had gotten my whole head dyed. Perhaps I will go back in a few weeks and get the colour all over.

A billion lacey cookies. So easy, so tasty!! I think this recipe could be customized lots of ways. Next time I will use some kind of nut, like macadamia or pecan, instead of oats.

My allergies weren’t too bad last week, but the past few days they have been worse than ever. My eyes feel like they have crumbled corn chips in them. Aghhh.

Work had been great lately. I’ve been working a lot. I am going to start doing therapsheres as well. It’s all working out well these days and I really hope it continues like this!

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We redeemed our Fatburger Groupon the other night. It came with two cheddar Fatburgers and skinny fries, and we ordered milkshakes as well (Oreo for me, strawberry for Scott). The burgers were good, decent meaty patty with lots of toppings. Not too greasy or anything. The fries were pretty standard. The milkshakes were nice and creamy and smooth but pretty expensive for the size (compared to the last burger and fries and shakes place I went in Calgary).

Fatburger has some bad reviews on their Urbanspoon page but it seems like they are for the more speciality items on the menu. Their classic burger seemed perfectly fine to me.

Fatburger on Urbanspoon

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