Day 6 of Solitude – Cameras

Pretty much all I have to talk about today is cameras. An extremely early birthday card from Kate reminded me that I was planning on getting a camera this month and since then I’ve been researching like crazy.

First I thought about getting a camera really similar to Rosemarie’s, like this Canon SX150:

Then I decided I wanted interchangeable lenses. Because that sounds cool, and that’s what my dad┬árecommended. So then I wanted this Nikon J1:

Because I trust Nikon and it looks oh so pretty. But the reviews told me that it wasn’t actually that great of a camera and that I should get this Sony Nex-3C instead:

But then my classmate pointed out that it’s too big to fit in my pocket and the body isn’t anything spectacular so I might as well get a DSLR. Price told me to buy this Canon Rebel T3:

There are some pretty awesome sales on that camera right now, and I nearly went for it, but then in the middle of last night I realized that one of the main reasons I don’t take a lot of pictures now is because my camera is too big! So what would be the point of getting an even bigger camera!?! So then (around midnight) I did more research and I think I’ve finally settled on this Canon Elph 520HS:

It’s got lots of zoom, a fast processor and all the features that I have (and use!!) on my old camera, plus more. It’s so nice and teeny tiny.

It’s within my budget, but a sale would be nice. Next weeks flyers come out tomorrow, so…. fingers crossed!

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  1. Looks very similar to my camera! I think you will be pleased cause it is definitely tiny enough to take anywhere. And it definitely takes great photos. I love the wide angle. Most of the time I have it on the automatic setting but there’s lots of manual settings too. I would love to have a dslr one day but you have be committed enough to learn photography and lug it around to justify the price I reckon.

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