Very Long Week

BLaghghhHhhh this week has been rough. Three midterms! I still have one tomorrow at 8:15 AM (BARF) but I’ve finished up my cheat sheet and just can’t make myself do any more reviewing tonight. Today I had 2 hours of anatomy, a chemistry midterm, then 1 hr of chemistry lecture that actually felt like 8 hours, then a hospital visit in North Vancouver, then home to study, so now that my sheet is done I just want to veg out.

This week’s midterms went well. Better than last week. Especially radiopharmaceuticals. I am pleased.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Scott leaves for his trip to Melbourne this Saturday! He’ll be gone for a week and a half. I’m kinda looking forward to KATRINA WEEK, but not looking forward to being all alone-y and having to do chores. Pfft HOUSEWORK. I am glad that Scott gets to see his family and friends though, since we’ve been here a year and a half now without a visit. I hope he has an awesome time, and I’ve put in a request for some white chocolate Tim Tams when he gets back.

Today’s hospital visit was good. They do a lot of brain scans at that hospital, which is pretty cool. It’s kind of far from here though since I’d have to take public transit. I don’t think I’m going to put it for any of my choices for this coming summer placement. But we have placements all through second year, and of course the second summer, so hopefully I will end up working there at some point for a bit.

Can’t wait for school to be over tomorrow. My aunt and uncle are coming over and Rosemarie, Scott and I are cooking up a nice meal for them. We all finish our school/work/meetings in the early afternoon so that means LOTS OF SISTER TIME and hopefully some games! Yayyyyyy. Then I have 8 million things to do over the weekend, but lets deal with that later.

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