I just realized that I never actually posted my 2016 video on here. I spammed it everywhere else, but not on the ol’ blog. So… here it is! What an epic year it was.

My favourite clips are Feb 29th, May 12th, and May 21st. :D

This year I decided to make shoes for the nieces and nephews for Christmas presents. I knew the kids were going to get literally heaps of presents so I wanted to get them something a little different.

Ava is the youngest. I got the smallest shoes possible and they’re still too big. Oops. Also there are no cute animals that start with “V”. These might be my favourite of the lot though!

Next is April, who loves the Wiggles. It took a little prodding, but then she recognized Emma and the rest of the group.

Seth got Avatar shoes. These were fun to draw and shade.

Beau’s are from Pokemon Black and White. I don’t know which Pokemon those are but he says they are the best ones. :D

And lastly, Noah got Dragon Ball Z. He’s been requesting a pair ever since I made his dad some Wolverine shoes.

It was fun making all of them! Scott picked all the pictures for the boys. Each pair only took a couple hours once I got started. And they’re all done with permanent fabric markers and Scotchgarded so they can get wet, although I would try to avoid it if possible.

I would love to sell custom shoes, but I can’t legally sell anything with copyrighted material. Technically you’re not even supposed to MAKE things with copyrighted material, but I don’t think companies usually mind if it’s just for fun. But making money from it is a different story.

Feel free to email me with any ideas you might have though and maybe we can figure something out.

I know a lot of people considered 2016 to be pretty crappy… but to be honest it was one of the best years of my life, for sure. I’ve picked 12 pictures here but that doesn’t even come close to including all the awesome things that we got to do. I feel very lucky and grateful, and will reflect on my year fondly.

The IBSF World Cup coming to Whistler and getting to meet my skeleton hero, Martins Dukurs.

Finally finishing my crochet blanket. That’s an ipad by the way… the blanket is enormous. I also did A LOT of crossstitch.

Not coming in last in my final skeleton race of my career. I actually ended up finishing 4th out of 8, behind three very talented national team girls.

Being my own personal island in a cenote in Mexico. Renting that big house with 11 great friends was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Experiencing Antelope Canyon, my top road trip bucket list place. It was just as cool as I hoped.

Exploring Yellowstone National Park on opening day. Scott’s roadtrip bucket list place. Seeing Old Faithful erupt 5 minutes after we got there without being able to check the schedule.

Spending a ridiculous amount of time and money to go to the Jorna Indian restaurant in Ipswich. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Walking half way across Spain to get our ticket into heaven. Destroyed my feet but it was definitely a cool experience.

OK well this isn’t really a highlight for Scott, but it’s still one of my favourite pictures of the year. Eating all the cheese possible in France.

Turning 30 in Thailand.

Being brave and making new friends in Melbourne.

Lots and lots of family time. This picture is from Christmas Day.

2016 Video Every Day project coming V V SOON!

This year I got myself a cider advent calendar, because… Treat Yo Self. I figured it would be a great way for me to try out a bunch of Aussie ciders and hopefully find some new favourites! It was mostly great, there was only one that I couldn’t finish (why would someone make a cider with hops in it?? blech). And it really was a fun way to count down until Christmas.

Here are my thoughts, mostly for my records. Note: I prefer very very dry ciders.

  • 1. The Hills Cider Company Apple & Ginger – quite gingery, not too sweet 7/10
  • 2. Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider – really tasted like pink lady, a little sweet 6/10
  • 3. The Apple Thief William Pear Cider – fine 6/10
  • 4. Pipsqueak Apple Cider – not too sweet, yum 8/10
  • 5. Woolshed Utopia Hard Lemonade – not too sweet, but not a cider! 6/10

  • 6. Napoleone Apple Cider – standard, not too sweet 8/10
  • 7. James Squire Orchard Crush Pear Cider – tasty 7/10
  • 8. Batlow Premium Cider – pretty dry 8/10
  • 9. Pagan Cider Apple –  nice 8/10
  • 10. Crushed Pear Aussie Cider –  generic, bleh 5/10

  • 11. Treehouse Cider – nice 9/10
  • 12. Tuckerbox Premium Apple Cider – also nice 8/10
  • 13. The Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider – meh 7/10
  • 14. Willie Smiths Farmhouse Perry – different 6/10
  • 15. Batlow Cloudy Cider – good 7/10

  • 16. Golden Axe Apple Cider – Jemma drank this one ?/10
  • 17. James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider – one of my pub favourites 9/10
  • 18. Australian Brewery The Fresh Press Cider – kinda gross 5/10
  • 19. Crisp Draught Aussie Cider – fine I guess 7/10
  • 20. Pagan Cider Cherry – I don’t like cherries 4/10

  • 21. Woolshed Brewery Utopia Apple & Pear Cider – literally tastes like juice 7/10
  • 22. The Hills Cider Company Hop Edition – why would I want a cider that tastes like beer 0/10
  • 23. Napoleone Cloudy Cider – not too sweet, nice 8/10
  • 24. Willie Smith Bone Dry Apple Cider – very dry! 8/10
  • 25. Forbidden Fruit Cider Original (unpictured) – smelled like body odour 4/10

Alright, where did I leave off last?

After I was finally certified by AHPRA I was allowed to apply for my Radiation Use Licence, which took another couple weeks, and then FINALLY FINALLY I could start applying for jobs. Luckily there were quite a few job postings over the last couple weeks. I got rejected straight away from a few, but then got an interview for a part-time job, which I ended up getting… and accepting! WOOHOO! So now I am 40% employed.

Two days a week is a little low, but at least I’ve got my foot in the door now. I start at the end of January.

The hospital is a bit far from here (50ish minute drive), but our lease ends mid-February so I think we might move. If we pick a different inner suburb that is just a bit closer to the highway my commute will go down to 30 minutes, and we would still be quite close to the city.

What else have I been up to?

I made all five of our nieces and nephews some pretty epic Christmas presents, which I will post after Christmas. I’ve started a crossstitch sea otter in a sweater to match my crossstitch koala in a funny shirt. My 2016 1 Second Every Day video is nearly finished. Still going to the gym. Still hanging out with my trivia friends. Still watching too much TV.

I spent 4 hours on a very hot day making Scott a 4-layered chocolate, hazelnut, and ricotta birthday cake, and then found out after about 2 bites that I am allergic to (raw) hazelnuts. Not like deathly allergic but it definitely made my mouth go really crazy even after a very tiny amount. :(

Rae and Thomas came to visit last weekend. We did a mega tourist day up in the hills. We went on Puffing Billy steam train, which was way more fun that I thought it would be! You get to sit on the windowsills and stick your legs out of the train like you’re in India or something! It was surprisingly exhilarating.

We also went to the Piggery for lunch, and Old Kingdom for peking duck dinner, PLUS Gelato Messina for dessert so it was also an epic food day.

Oh yeah and we got a new car! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this model, but it’s a Toyota Corolla. ;) Pretty neat to have a fancy new car. We expect to keep it forever 5ever.

OK I have to get ready to head to Boronia to start off the Christmas festivities (my first Jorna Christmas ever! I’m kinda scared tbh). Happy holidays!