Deep Purple

Scott killing his forearms at Rosemarie’s bouldering charity event. I had to help attach ice packs to Scott’s wrists with elastic bands, haha. Bouldering is fun, but hard! Ow my lats.

I LOVED having purple hair but I didn’t love how fast it faded, and the mess. Oh god, the mess. It stains everything!! Shower curtain, clothes, bed sheets, couch cover… everything. So I made an appointment at the Aveda school to get it all fixed up. I asked for permanent bright purple but to be honest we had no idea what shade it would come out since it would be a mix of types of pigments. It ended up coming out super dark purple, and I love it. I wish I had gotten my whole head dyed. Perhaps I will go back in a few weeks and get the colour all over.

A billion lacey cookies. So easy, so tasty!! I think this recipe could be customized lots of ways. Next time I will use some kind of nut, like macadamia or pecan, instead of oats.

My allergies weren’t too bad last week, but the past few days they have been worse than ever. My eyes feel like they have crumbled corn chips in them. Aghhh.

Work had been great lately. I’ve been working a lot. I am going to start doing therapsheres as well. It’s all working out well these days and I really hope it continues like this!

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1 Second Everyday: March 2014

Here is the latest instalment in my 1 Second Everyday project of 2014. Weekends in March were fun, but I worked every weekday so finding something to video was a little challenging some days. 

PS you can see the January and February videos here.

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We redeemed our Fatburger Groupon the other night. It came with two cheddar Fatburgers and skinny fries, and we ordered milkshakes as well (Oreo for me, strawberry for Scott). The burgers were good, decent meaty patty with lots of toppings. Not too greasy or anything. The fries were pretty standard. The milkshakes were nice and creamy and smooth but pretty expensive for the size (compared to the last burger and fries and shakes place I went in Calgary).

Fatburger has some bad reviews on their Urbanspoon page but it seems like they are for the more speciality items on the menu. Their classic burger seemed perfectly fine to me.

Fatburger on Urbanspoon

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Friends & Family Day

Last weekend BCBSA was nice enough to let us bring two noobies to try skeleton for free. I brought Rosemarie and Scott. I was pretty excited for them to finally try it after so many months listening to me blabber on and on about skeleton.

All the sleds. The friends and family got VIP treatment, us athletes and track workers had to haul the sleds around for them!!

Everyone waiting for their turn from Maple Leaf (corner 11). There were about 30 sliders all together.

Scott’s first run. His feet are nicely glued together, but straighten those legs!!!

Rosemarie wearing my speedsuit and shoes. She did very well. She wrote a funny blog post about the day as well (while still on an adrenaline high, I reckon). (Picture from Matt.)

Both of them had a fun day. They got to do two runs, and then we went out for pizza afterwards. Rosemarie loved skeleton and wants to do it again, but I think Scott plans on sticking to golf.

A few pictures from the BC race the weekend before:

Me coming around Thunderbird (corner 16). Wish my feet were touching.

Awesome picture Scott took of me walking up the outrun ramp! I love this picture.

Bonus pic of Scott at his first hockey lesson. :D

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Mui Ngo Gai

I decided that we need to try more of the restaurants around our house. There are a whole bunch of (apparently) awesome restaurants within walking distance yet we ordered DOMINOS one lazy night?? WHY?? Anyway so now I’m making an effort to try some of the places close by. We live in a bit of a Vietnamese area so there are dozens and dozens of pho restaurants all within a couple blocks. Mui Ngo Gai has a 91% rating on Urbanspoon and pho sounded great to soothe my cold a couple weeks ago, so we walked there for dinner.

Our pho feast! Scott ordered the rare beef pho, and I ordered the rare beef and well done beef pho, because I hate ordering the same thing as anyone else, yet wasn’t in the mood for tripe or beef balls. It came with the usual plate of fresh veggies and herbs. We also got some crispy spring rolls to share.

My pho was delicious!!! It burned my face off though. Entirely my fault… I added 1 spoonful of the chili oil, decided it wasn’t spicy enough then added 3 more??!!! I am dumb. I also added fish sauce and more hot sauce. Ha. It did the trick of clearing my stuffed nose and soothing my soul though.

The spring rolls were also nice. Crunchy and tasty with a nice sauce.

I would definitely eat here again, but maybe only 1-2 spoonfuls of chili oil!! PS they also sell bubble tea.

Mui Ngo Gai on Urbanspoon

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