Summer Pictures, Mostly Food

Sooo let’s just ignore that some of these pictures are like three months old……

Rosemary Rocksalt bagel with salmon, avocado and cream cheese. How can you even improve on this?? Perfection.

Two kinds of ceviche, guacamole and pico de gallo at La Mezcaleria. OM NOM NOM. With a ludicrously expensive margarita. (Best margaritas in town though).

GIANT VOLCANIC BOWL OF MOLTEN CHEESE AND CHORIZO. So greasy, so amazing. This is a once-a-year (or less!) food.

Pork tenderloin kebabs with vegetables and halloumi. Homemade tzatziki and tortillas. This was a team effort meal with Scott, Rosemarie, Lauren and I that magically all came together perfectly despite little planning.

Rosemarie and I finally did the crayon art project that she gave me for Christmas/AFFH. Making the crayons melt was so addicting.

The Jornas, at the PNE this year. Lesley took this picture.

I had a jalapeño popper grilled cheese. It took them like 30 minutes to make. Le sigh. But it tasted pretty good, it had cheese, peppers, cream cheese, corn chips!

Me broad jumping at the bobsleigh/skeleton summer tryouts. I did pretty bad, it was sort of embarrassing. But still fun, kind of. I think I was a lot better at running this year compared to last (still too slow though) but I actually got worse at broad jump (down to 1.75 m from 1.78 m). Yikes. And I was HORRIBLE at the underhand medicine ball toss. It kept slipping out of my hands!! Lots of work to do if I ever plan on being competitive.

So many more people than last year!! It was nice seeing some old friends from last season, and great to see some new faces! I am hoping that the group of recreational (and BC development) sliders gets bigger this year. It would be fun to have races with more people, especially girls!!

Manicure from last week. Stained glass/negative space. I did my left hand. Scott had to help me with my right hand. Maybe Rosemarie will post a link in the comments to the Salon Jorna picture she took.

A made pie! Peach pie! We had picked a dozen or so giant freestone peaches in Osoyoos last week at a giddy u-pick session. I whipped up two pies with homemade crust and everything. I usually don’t like pies because I hate cooked fruit, but peach pie is pretty good. Maybe because the texture of cooked peach isn’t very different than raw peach? This was my first time making crust and it went… ok. It’s a little tough. I think that happens when you overwork the dough? But overall the pie tastes GREAT. Making pies is very satisfying.

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Nairn’s Oatcakes

A few weeks ago the good people at Nairn’s sent me a bunch of oatcakes for me to try and review. After much consideration, here are my thoughts.

There were four types of savoury oatcakes. My first impression was that they were very dry. But putting a piece of cheese on them made them palatable. And then they started to grow on me and I started liking them more and more. My coworker told me that she used to eat oatcakes with butter on them when she was young.

The organic ones and the roughly milled were the most plain. The cheese flavoured one had a slight cheesy taste, mostly at the end. And the sunflower ones were slightly thinner and very nice. The sunflower ones were the most like traditional crackers we eat in Canada.

I liked that the list of ingredients was very short with simple things like oats and baking soda and sunflower oil. They aren’t gluten or nut free though, unfortunately.

The sweet oatcakes were way easier to eat. They taste delicious! Just the right amount of sugar so they’re not too sweet or too bland.

Scott and I liked the mixed berries one a lot (chewy raisin type bits) and the chocolate chip ones tasted like Dad’s cookies. Yum. The ginger ones were a bit too gingery for me but Scott and Rosemarie enjoyed them.

You cannot deny that they do slightly resemble a coaster though. Haha.

Some ideas from Nairn’s about what to top the oatcakes with: avocado and salt and pepper, or cream cheese. Nom.

I ended up eating a lot of oatcakes in the past few weeks. The absolute best part about them in my opinion is that they keep you feeling full for a really long time. I had two chocolate chip ones before my skeleton tryouts and felt energized and not hungry the whole time. And a couple oatcakes before going into the angiography department for a few hours keeps the tummy rumbles away when I used to have troubles with that before. The oats have tons of staying power and I’m glad I got to try them!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post other than the free product, and all opinions are my own.

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Hangover Helper – poached egg, back bacon, hollandaise, green onion

Abba – avocado, bacon, brie, apple, balsamic reduction

Scott and I went out for breakfast on the weekend. We ordered these two waffles and then traded halves. The waffles were really nice, crunchy and chewy, delicious. The toppings were good but had a few flaws, the poached eggs were poached hard, which is unfortunate in my opinion, and the Abba waffle needed three times as much brie and some kind of sauce to stop it from being a little dry. However, the hollandaise was nice and tangy and the bacon was plentiful.

I would like to go back and try some of their sweet waffles some time.

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OMG It’s Already Mid-August

Time for a picture dump since I’ve been a lousy blogger and haven’t been keeping up with this great summer we’ve been having.

A pretty sunset. It was like this every night for a good two weeks during the heatwave. I used to think I liked 30ºC weather, but I guess I’ve become a real Vancouverite because that is way too hot!! Now I’m happy when I see the weather report say 22ºC, heh.

We spent Canada Day on Kits beach this year with Ryan and Ryan and others. It was hot. The tide was wayyyy out so I didn’t swim. Random raindrops fell from the sky which weirded people out enough to pack up their beach stuff and leave.

Pre-fireworks sunset with Lauren. Always envious of the people watching from a boat. I need to make friends with someone with a boat. The fireworks were good. It was funny hearing the music coming from the speakers and  people’s radios and phone apps all out of sync.

Scott accidentally broke off a whole branch of his tomato plant. Whoops!! By the way the tally so far is Scott: 17, Katrina 41. WOO!! Our plants still have quite a few flowers and green tomatoes but they are not developing nearly as fast so I think the contest is nearly over.

Free slurpee on 7-11. Perfect timing, it was SUPER hot that day.

I went to the Sunshine Coast with Lesley a few weeks ago. It was Sea Cavalcade and there was a parade and fireworks and other stuff going on. We watched the fireworks from a tugboat. I always have a nice relaxing time while visiting her house, like a cottage getaway.

Rosemarie came over and we played Agricola. We finally tried out the expansion! I liked it, even though Scott won both games as usual. Rosemarie still says it is her least favourite game. Sigh.

The second game took so long the sun went down and it was too dark to see the pieces any more. We reached a new level of nerdiness when we brought out my old desk lamp to light up the games table. How lovely it is to be out on the patio all the time this summer though?! Our patio rules.

Many games of Settlers this summer. We’ve gotten quite a lot of use from the 5-6 player expansion!! Thanks MEP and Paul!

Well that’s all I’ve got.

We have one more week of work and then we’re off to Osoyoos for a week. Both of us are really looking forward to this vacation because we’ve been working hard!! Scott has been doing a ton of overtime and I’ve been working every day too. Can’t wait for white wine and swimming all day in the lake.

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Cultus Lake Waterpark

How not to apply sunscreen.

My traditional waterpark picture.

Scott, Rosemarie, Lauren and I went to Cultus Lake Waterpark on the August long weekend. We got there before it opened because we knew it was going to get bonkers. I’m glad we did, because we got to go on back-to-back slides for a good few hours. We had fun but we also had a lot of injuries!!

First slide of the day: one of those big half pipe type slides. VALLEY OF FEAR. Lifeguard tells us to put our chins to our chest right before pushing us down. Rosemarie didn’t take this seriously enough and pretty much got whiplash. Awesome start to the day, haha.

Second slide of the day: this weird lazy river/slide hybrid. Scott and I flip off our tube after the first drop. Lifeguards scream at us to walk ourselves further down the slide and then get back in. We go down the rest of the slide backwards and in constant fear that we are going to flip again. My elbow is throbbing from hitting it super hard on the slide in the crash. It continues to hurt for two weeks (it still hurts).

I also got a lot of sunscreen and chlorine in my eyes and the sun was so bright ahhhh it burneddddd. We tried to rinse my eyes out with ice water but I think it made them even drier. Squint squint.

BUT, it was still a pretty fun day. The family slide was scary and fun. I always love those twisty slides that you don’t need tubes a lot too. The straight down slide was extreme! The slightly less straight down one was fun too, it gave you a gradual wedgie as opposed to all at once.

It got verrrrrrry busy after lunch (btw they also let you bring your own food in, which is awesome). Like at least 30 minute wait for slides. But luckily by that point we had already pretty much gotten our fill of waterpark.

We decided that we should go jump in Cultus Lake and swim for a bit but we stupidly gave up our waterpark parking spot thinking we would just park at the lake. But the lake was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy. There was a line of cars on the highway going towards the lake for literally 10 km when we were leaving. We should have just left the car where it was and walked across the street. DUMB.

We got really delicious ice cream cones in Yarrow and blueberries to console ourselves and then drove back to Vancouver and had a delicious BBQ and played games. FUN TIMES!

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