I just realized that I never actually posted my 2016 video on here. I spammed it everywhere else, but not on the ol’ blog. So… here it is! What an epic year it was.

My favourite clips are Feb 29th, May 12th, and May 21st. :D

I know a lot of people considered 2016 to be pretty crappy… but to be honest it was one of the best years of my life, for sure. I’ve picked 12 pictures here but that doesn’t even come close to including all the awesome things that we got to do. I feel very lucky and grateful, and will reflect on my year fondly.

The IBSF World Cup coming to Whistler and getting to meet my skeleton hero, Martins Dukurs.

Finally finishing my crochet blanket. That’s an ipad by the way… the blanket is enormous. I also did A LOT of crossstitch.

Not coming in last in my final skeleton race of my career. I actually ended up finishing 4th out of 8, behind three very talented national team girls.

Being my own personal island in a cenote in Mexico. Renting that big house with 11 great friends was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Experiencing Antelope Canyon, my top road trip bucket list place. It was just as cool as I hoped.

Exploring Yellowstone National Park on opening day. Scott’s roadtrip bucket list place. Seeing Old Faithful erupt 5 minutes after we got there without being able to check the schedule.

Spending a ridiculous amount of time and money to go to the Jorna Indian restaurant in Ipswich. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Walking half way across Spain to get our ticket into heaven. Destroyed my feet but it was definitely a cool experience.

OK well this isn’t really a highlight for Scott, but it’s still one of my favourite pictures of the year. Eating all the cheese possible in France.

Turning 30 in Thailand.

Being brave and making new friends in Melbourne.

Lots and lots of family time. This picture is from Christmas Day.

2016 Video Every Day project coming V V SOON!

Cassia invited me for a visit last week and since I was just bumming around and flexible enough to get cheap flights to Adelaide… I accepted.

Extra leg room is so wasted on me.

Jill, Cassia and I went on a drive to Hahndorf. It was rainy and sunny and warm and freezing, but we had a nice little stroll through town and lunch in a cozy cafe with fireplaces.

After lunch we drove through the hills a bit on the way to Mt Lofty. I found a koala immediately after getting out of the car. No, the novelty of koalas has not worn off for me yet. They are so cute!

And then we went out for a super delicious French-Vietnamese dinner at Cliché. I got to try the cheese soufflé, crispy pork belly (!!!) and beef cheeks that were incredibly tender. All great.

The next day Cassia and I did a lot of quality hanging out. We also went for a walk through the botanical gardens and through the city. So many bats! Bats are cool.

Cassia had to work on Tuesday so I spent the day with Jill. It was Melbourne Cup day so we went to a pub and wore fascinators and watched the race. We bought a few of those random horse tickets, and one of ours came in second. Woot!

That night we all went out to do trivia at a nearby bar. We won three out of four free jugs, haha! (We gave two of them away.) And we ended up coming in second. Not bad for a team of foreigners. Pablo knows abs!

Cassia and I before going to work/going home. Thanks for a great visit Dafoe’s!! I had a nice time, and it definitely helped distract myself from waiting for my test results.

Sometimes I think about when I very first arrived in Australia, on July 1st, 2008, all alone-y on my own-y.

Without knowing, I got one Aussie thing completely wrong, and one Aussie thing completely right.


After a 12 hour flight from Beijing, I arrived in Sydney and blearily walked through customs and immigration were an officer lady said “How ya going?” in a friendly way.

I thought about how I was going to be getting to the couchsurfing house I had arranged and replied “BY BUS”.

I found out days later that “how ya going” simply means “how are you”. HAHAHA. She must have thought I was funny.


I’m by myself. It’s hot. I’m thirsty.

I walk into a bar and ask for a LEMONADE.

The flavour isn’t quite what I expected, but it quenches the thirst.

Weeks later I find out that Aussie’s call Sprite-type pop “lemonade”. And actual lemonade does not exist (cry).


OK wow, I knew I had been procrastinating doing another Crafty WIP post, but I didn’t realize I’d left it TWO YEARS! Holy moly. I have a lot to show off, so I’ll have to do two posts! Here are some crossstitches I finished over the last couple years.

Papa and me in Fiji. My first photo pattern. I used My Photo Stitch to make a pattern out of a picture. I was so skeptical it was going to look ok because it was asking for like green and purple to stitch our faces, but it does!

The back was a little crazy.

The cloth is filthy and warped so not quite sure how I should display it yet.

Quick little Nintendo controller. I added the letters and the arrows to the pattern myself.

My spirit animal/life motto? Not sure what to do with this one as I didn’t leave enough extra room at the top. I might cut it out if I can figure out how to keep the cloth from unravelling, and then sew it onto something like a patch?

This one was fun to stitch. So cute. I do <3 Canada.

This was a huge project from last year. It’s a Frosted Pumpkin pattern, but I switched all the months around to fit the Southern Hemisphere (particularly Melbourne) because at that point I knew we were moving. I actually purposely didn’t show it to people in case they figured it out before I’d told work. Perhaps I was a little paranoid, haha.

Now I just have to get around to ironing and framing all of them!

My next crossstitch projects are either going to be a 22 page black and white Escher pattern that will probably take 80 years to finish, and/or experimenting with crossstitching on clothing using waste canvas.