Blisters Are The Worst!!!!!

My feet are so sore.

My 2012 resolution was to walk to school more often, and so far I’m doing really well (3 for 3!), but my feet are so sore I might have to take the bus tomorrow.

Dang you sparkly shoes! I wore these on Monday and got a big blister on my toe. And it rubbed the back of my ankles a bit too, because they are so stiff and new. Tuesday I wore my old sneakers but they rubbed my toe too and they are worn out on the inner sides. Today I said “I DON’T CARE IF I LOOK LIKE JERRY SEINFELD” and wore my (white) running shoes with jeans. They felt good on my toe, but rubbed my irritated back of ankle. :((((

I LIKE walking to school! It takes 35 minutes, which is only about 5 minutes longer than if I took the bus because I have to line up at the stop early. I can listen to the CBC and hear about news and stuff, and I get my 30 minutes of daily activity done first thing in the morning. (PS that video is pretty cool.) I don’t want to take the bus!

Any advice about how to fix my feet? I’ve already got three bandaids on!!


  1. Just give them a few days to heal and try again… repeat if you get more blisters…
    Then you will get calluses or whatever and you’ll be okay. Although I have some shoes that always hurt my heels after a while so I always wear bandaids with them, or at least bring some along. Other than that the solution is good i.e. expensive shoes and even then no guarantees.

    If you take the bus for a few days to avoid bloody feet I don’t think you should beat yourself up for breaking your resolution!

    1. i took the bus today. :( i hope to get back to walking tomorrow!! i will just wear my dorky running shoes again. but you are right, about the bloody feet… i don’t want that! actually that makes me feel pretty grateful that i’m not in that state.

  2. I agree with Paul and MEP. Moleskin works really well. I have used it. Stick it to your foot (not your shoe!)

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