Bye Bye 2013

Greetings from one of the last places where it is still 2013.

I just skimmed all my posts for the last year and have come to the conclusion that my 2013 revolved around three things: FOOD, NUCLEAR MEDICINE, and SKELETON.

FOOD: wow we made and ate a lot of food this year! So many delicious things. Good thing I also started going to the gym this year otherwise I’d definitely be heading towards 900 lbs.

NUCLEAR MEDICINE: I graduated from BCIT, passed the CAMRT exam, and eventually got a job. That all worked out nicely! I’m incredibly grateful that it did.

SKELETON: the thing that gets me through the winter tbh. I went 120 km/hr, got the hang of lower ladies start, made the BC team (sort of), made new friends. All good stuff.

I was also lucky enough to go to LA, Fiji, Hawaii and Osoyoos this year. I love travelling with Scott, every trip has been fun.

Life has been good to us in 2013.

We’re off to do some NYE bowling tonight. Happy doo doo, see you in 2014!

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