Canned Pumpkin-Free Zone

Is fall over yet?? I am so sick of pumpkin recipes!!!!

OK I like actual pumpkins like butternut and jap, but NOT that canned stuff that so many October and November recipes seem to be featuring!

Snow fell in Vancouver yesterday, I think that means it’s time to put the canned pumpkin away.


  1. you can replace canned pumpkin purée with your own. it just adds a lot of work to the recipe. i did it for pumpkin pie last year, and between peeling the pumpkin, cutting the pumpkin, roasting the pumpkin, puréeing the pumpkin, making the dough, chilling the dough, rolling the dough, precooking the crust, mixing the filling, and then finally cooking the pie— twice, for two pies… altogether it took hours and hours.

    oh but you can freeze the purée so you could make a lot at once and then in future recipes, no problemo.

    1. yeahhhh i do not like pumpkin enough to go through that much effort. plus some of the recipes are just GROSS. like pumpkin flavoured alcoholic drinks or pumpkin brownies (why ruin a perfectly tasty brownie!!!). ewwww. hopefully the recipes stop now that american thanksgiving is nearly over.

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