First Venipuncture

Oooops five days no post. Sorry!

This morning we did venipuncture for the first time. SCARY! We watched a demo, then did a few dry runs with a capped syringe, practised on a rubber ‘arm’ thing (that is the exact thing in the picture), and then it was time to do it to each other! We all did pretty well.

Apparently I have DEEP VEINS. And apparently when you get nervous your veins sink even deeper in, but Gillian still got it first try. I kind of jiggled the syringe a bit when I was undoing the tourniquet on her so a little drop of blood came out. I’m sorry!!

Anyway in general it was easier than I expected. I thought it would be easier to miss the vein.

Would you be more scared to poke someone else or have someone poke you?



  1. It is scarier to poke, because you can miss and cause more pain. I am not even aiming for anything specific (besides the toe) when I give anesthetic. Plus your needles are bigger, I think.

    1. i just looked in my notes, we use anywhere from 25G to 19G depending on whether we are drawing blood, or injecting blood, or injecting radiopharmaceutical

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