Choc Ripple Cake

Holy moly, that dumb video of me in the aqualoop has 81,000 views. I’ve made more than $30 from it! Youtube videos are pretty lucrative compared to blogging, at least at the amateur level.

It’s Australia Day today! Well over there it is. Here it is tomorrow. Confusing.

Perhaps it’s finally time for Scott to make choc ripple cake? I’m not sure entirely what it is, but every Aussie I mention it to seems to get pretty excited. Choc ripple biscuits on their own are pretty good…. they’re kind of like the outside of a crunchy fudge sandwich cookie? I just tried to find the ones I’m picturing in my mind but no amount of image searching chocolate and fudge and cookies is bringing up what I want.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the cake!

Now he has to make it, cuz I blogged about it. Muahahahahha.

School is going really well. I haven’t had that much work yet, which is nice. I’m feeling pretty good about this semester.


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