Credit Card Fraud, and Walking

I had a bit of a shock the other day when I logged into my online banking and found a $130 credit card charge that we didn’t recognize! I had to call up the bank and get them to cancel my card and start a fraud investigation. :( We also found another $170 charge that hadn’t shown up on my account yet. They bought two textbooks! Is that some kind of credit card scam? I suppose textbooks might be easy to re-sell. Anyway hopefully the issue gets resolved soon and really I’m just grateful that it wasn’t a bigger amount that we might lose. It would suck a lot to not get the money back, but we’ll be ok. I wonder how they got my credit card numbers.

horseshoes, anyone?

It’s been really nice out today and yesterday. Yesterday we went out for an hour walk around the big park near our house, and today we walked down Main Street all the way from 1st Avenue to 33rd Avenue. We stopped at a cafe on the way and Scott got a latte and I got a blueberry mimosa that did not taste like blueberry at all.

Now Scott is out playing Pitch and Putt with Brian, and later Zsofi and Dylan are coming over for homemade pizza and the Canucks game. Fun weekend! I should get back to my anatomy study notes right now though. Adios amigos.

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