Daily Dinners Post #11 of 26

This is definitely not my best daily dinners posts. The last two weeks have been really really hectic and busy with moving and starting summer clinical. All my normal routines were disturbed!! So I missed a few photos here and there.

may 19th, 2013 – rotato (and other Summer Night Market treats, blog post to come soon)

I have no clue what I had for dinner on May 20th. Fail.

may 21st, 2013 – toasted submarine sandwich

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may 22nd, 2013 – peri peri ravioli with salmon

This was a “use whatever is in the fridge” meal. It turned out edible…. sort of.

may 23rd, 2013 – church’s chicken and jalapeno poppers

Our new house is right next to a 24 hour Church’s Chicken. Whenever I’m telling people where our new house is I say it’s near the Church’s Chicken and they know exactly where I’m talking about. And then they start drooling and raving about how good Church’s Chicken is. We tried it on moving day after hauling boxes into our new place and it lived up to the hype. We were starving and it was delicious.

may 24th, 2013 – cheeeeeese! (and lots of other samples at the food convention, blog post to come soon)

may 25th, 2013 – tuna casserole with olives

On May 26th Scott and I went to Lesley’s house to watch the new Arrested Development episodes. We brought over a homemade pizza but in all of the excitement I forgot to take a picture of my plate. Oops.

Then on May 27th we went out for cheap sushi with Lauren who was visiting from Ottawa again. I had a yam roll, BC roll, dynamite roll and two pieces of salmon sushi. It was good except for the BC roll. Raw salmon >>>>>>> cooked salmon, imo. Forgot to take a picture, again. Oooooops.

may 28th, 2013 – scotanoff

may 29th, 2013 – chicken omelette

may 30th, 2013 – eggplant with tofu

may 31st, 2013 – revolutionary mac n cheese and roasted broccoli

june 1st, 2013 – spaghetti bolognese and strawberry lemonade

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