Daily Dinners Post #14 of 26

A day late!! Oops!! I swear the past few days haven’t had 24 hours in them…

This is a pretty weird collection of food. It pretty much covers the entire time that Scott was in Australia. I always have very little motivation to cook when I’m only cooking for me. But actually doing these daily dinners post did motivate me to eat real things for dinner instead of chips, so that’s good. Prepare yourself for a lot of cheddar smokeys.

june 30th, 2013 – party leftovers: bbq chicken, sriracha hummus

july 1st, 2013 – party leftovers: cheddar smokeys, corn, sriracha hummus, garlic bread

july 2nd, 2013 – more party leftovers: 7 layer dip, chicken skewers

july 3rd, 2013 – pupusas from the latin restaurant across the street

I only realized yesterday that I was supposed to put that baggie of veggies on top of the pupusa. That probably would have made it a little less dry, oops.

More pictures after the jump… (sorry Auntie Hsi!!)

july 4th, 2013 – taco bell hahahaha

july 5th, 2013 – popsicles?? not really

july 6th, 2013 – revolutionary mac and cheese with steamed broc

july 7th, 2013 – sausage and corn, again

HAHA at this pic. I forgot to take the picture until I was half way through my meal… so this was my solution. :P

july 8th, 2013 – garlic bread supreme delissio pizza

july 9th, 2013 – salmon sushi bowl

There is sushi rice underneath that giant pile of salmon.

july 10th, 2013 – cheddar smokey, corn, and a bit of leftover salmon

july 11th, 2013 – margherita frozen pizza

july 12th, 2013 – ten topping burgers chez Lesley

july 13th, 2013 – slightly overcooked bbq salmon, steamed broccoli and rice


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