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This summer has been amazing. Still grilling all the time and eating salads all the time. It feels like forever since I’ve cooked something on the stove.

Oh I noticed that Feedly doesn’t show the captions of pictures? How annoying. So if you’re reading in Feedly and want to read the picture descriptions you’ll have to click over to my actual blog.

july 28th, 2013 – salad with Trader Joe’s cilantro salad dressing

july 29th, 2013 – corn tortillas with roasted pork, avocado, serrano salsa

july 30th, 2013 – grilled stuff (pork, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini)

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july 31st, 2013 – mr. noodles with egg and sriracha

august 1st, 2013 – udon with beef and cucumbers

august 2nd, 2013 – fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms from Country Kitchen in Princeton, BC

august 3rd, 2013 – bbq feast

august 4th, 2013 – pig roast feast

They roasted three pigs!

august 5th, 2013 – full monte hot sandwich from Hope Drive-In & Restaurant

august 6th, 2013 – wrap with turkey and cheese and okanagon apple and tomato and pepper

august 7, 2013 – portobello with gruyere, and salad with okanogan tomatoes and apples

august 8th, 2013 – grilled chicken and pepper wrap with cheese and stuff

august 9th, 2013 – quesadilla with chicken, peppers, corn and cheese, with trader joe’s serrano salsa

august 10th, 2013 – grilled chicken sandwich with corn

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