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august 11th, 2013 – chilli parmesan tomato pasta with spinach and prawns

august 12th, 2013 – chalupa

august 13th, 2013 – vegetarian red thai curry

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august 14th, 2013 – trader joe’s gorgonzola gnocchi, chalupa, steamed broccoli

august 15th, 2013 – half an avocado combo and a yam roll from Broadway Station Sushi

august 16th, 2013 – spicy sausage tomato orecchiette pasta

Lesley came over for a game night and Scott made a pasta dish with the fancy orecchiette pasta we bought from the food convention.

august 17th, 2013 – homemade cheesy garlic bread and yellow zucchini soup

That bread was DANG GOOD. Scott’s not the only baker in this house! :P

august 18th, 2013 – homemade pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, ham, blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, sweet peppers

august 19th, 2013 – steak and garlic mashed potatoes and beans

Thank you CDI for buying too much meat for a team building BBQ and letting us take home a huge pack of awesome steak. :D :D

august 20th, 2013 – leftovers! pizza and garlic mash

august 21st, 2013 – budget bytes creamy garden pasta salad

Obviously not my picture, but my version looked exactly the same. We were so caught up in the whole buying plane tickets problems that I forgot to take a picture of my bowl.

august 22nd, 2013 – pink lemonade with pearls

And this day we actually had chicken burgers but I was SO HUNGRY after coming home from a long workout with the skeleton guys that I ate the whole thing before remembering that I was supposed to take a picture. Oops.

august 23rd, 2013 – gazpacho with bread crumbs and hard boiled egg

august 24th, 2013 – deep fried macaroni and cheese from the PNE

These were not as good as I hoped… I think most of the cheese leaked out, so all that was left was a deep fried ball of noodles. :(

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