Daily Dinners Post #21 of 26

So sorry, so late.

october 6th, 2013 – salsa turkey meatloaf and mexican rice

This was quite tasty but if you make it… do not add any salt!! It’s way salty already.

october 7th, 2013 – sriracha mac n cheese and steamed broccoli

This was real good. Make it if you love sriracha!

october 8th, 2013 – costco veggie burger

More in here…

october 9th, 2013 – sushi combo from Broadway Station Sushi

Not sure why my tuna has weird specks in it. I ate in anyway. :/

october 10th, 2013 – red thai curry with chicken and lots of veg

october 11th, 2013 – tons of sushi from The Eatery

A Dutch friend I met in Australia and her bf came to Vancouver for a visit (after driving from Vancouver to Alaska to Whitehorse to Banff to Vancouver in four weeks… SO JEALOUS) and we took them to The Eatery! We got all the usual favourites (one with banana, one with fig, one with papaya and prosciutto) plus a bunch of random ones. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

october 12th, 2013 – maple bacon turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, steamed green beans

We ran out of plates and JUST started the dishwasher so we had to eat of platters, hahahahaha. The turkey was real good. Sweet & salty. And the gravy I made from the drippings was SO DANG TASTY.

october 13th, 2013 – turkey dinner leftovers

october 14th, 2013 – sriracha mac n cheese and cucumber

october 15th, 2013 – pesto turkey grilled cheese and cucumber

october 16th, 2013 – sundried tomato pasta with chicken and peppers

october 17th, 2013 – burger from Vera’s

october 18th, 2013 – perogie pizza

october 19th, 2013 – panang chicken curry with rice


  1. This post looks a lot more yummy than your sweet potato post :P This week Lauren made mustard cod with steamed asparagus and carrots on Monday, Karim made a mega fried squid salad with lots of delicious things yesterday and today I am making palak paneer (with homemade paneer). Will let you know how it turns out…

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