Daily Dinners Post #22 of 26

Getting near the end! I don’t usually forget to take my dinner pictures, but we’ve been SOOOO busy lately it kept slipping my mind until I was already a couple mouthfuls into my food. So this post has a lot of sloppy pictures with bites taken out of them. OOPS!!

Favourite recipe #22: Budget Bytes Turkey Sriracha Meatballs. Can’t wait to buy her cookbook.

october 20th, 2013 – chicken and fries from Church’s Chicken

october 21st, 2013 – homemade chicken soup with kale

october 22nd, 2013 – costco veggie burger and yam

october 23rd, 2013 – blue cheese turkey meatloaf, rice, beans and broccoli and strange yellow sauce

The sauce was a fail. It was very bland. Everything else was good though!

More pictures behind the cut.

october 24th, 2013 – bean burritos

october 25th, 2013 – vegetarian chilli

october 26th, 2013 – homemade turkey pot pie

Made with leftover turkey from a couple weeks ago. Delicious.

october 27th, 2013 – spicy vegetable stir fry

october 28th, 2013 – half of an avocado combo from Broadway Station Sushi

We just ate a small dinner before going to the movies. I had a Groupon that included a bag of popcorn, so that was the rest of my dinner. SODI-YUM! (PS the movie was really weird).

october 29th, 2013 – black bean quesadilla with avocado and peppers

october 30th, 2013 – sriracha turkey meatballs, rice and peas, and steamed bok choy

This tasted A LOT better than it looks. Sriracha is so tasty. Sometime I want to make sriracha meatballs with sriracha mac n cheese. Ultimate yum.

october 31st, 2013 – homemade pizza with too much vegetables

This pizza was not structurally sound.

november 1st, 2013 – sushi special from Sushi Bang

That is a picture from a few months ago. The current one was eaten on my lap at the CFL game the other night.

november 2nd, 2013 – red curry with chicken and vegetables on rice

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