Daily Dinners Post #23 of 26

The last fortnight was pretty unusual. Brett was visiting, and I started working at the hospital. Visitors and working so much meant eating a lot of meals away from home.

november 3rd, 2013 – mr. noodles with egg and sriracha

november 4th, 2013 – crunch wrap and taco from Taco Bell

Scott picked this up for me on his way home from Seattle. TRU LUV.

november 5th, 2013 – yam tempura, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, salad and miso from Sake Cafe

november 6th, 2013 – salmon sushi, spicy tuna roll, spider roll, and unpictured salad and miso soup from Sake Cafe

november 7th, 2013 – leftover sushi

So much sushi. The leftovers didn’t taste great… I’m kind of sick of sushi at the moment. O_O

november 8th, 2013 – queso fundido (and tacos) from La Mezcaleria

Now THIS tasted great. I want to go back to this restaurant really bad!

november 9th, 2013 – caramelized salsa pumpkin with black beans

This tasted a lot better than it looks. It was only burnt on the outside. The insides tasted delicious!

november 10th, 2013 – vegetable lasagna

THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA EVER!! Or at least one of the best things I have made in a while. I highly recommend this recipe! The sweet pomegranate tastes awesome with the salty garlic kale. I wasn’t sure it would (why it’s only on one quarter of the pizza in that picture), but it totally did. By the way I didn’t have pine nuts, parmesan or fontina as the recipe calls for, and it still tasted AMAZING. So you can save a little money by leaving out a few ingredients. We used naan bread as crust.

november 12th, 2013 – leftover vegetable lasagna

november 13th, 2013 – leftover scotanoff

November 14th, 2013 I ate leftover sriracha mac and cheese and sausage at work but forgot to take a picture.

november 15th, 2013 – green olive, sausage and mushroom pizza from Domino’s

Pouring rain and didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered delivery for the first time ever. What luxury.

november 16th, 2013 – crescent rolls stuffed with cheese and green onions, and unpictured popcorn

Lady dinner with Morgan up at Whistler. We watched The Way Way Back and stuffed our faces with popcorn and pinot grigio. Fun times!

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