Daily Dinners Post #26 of 26 (!!!)


For any newer readers: I took a picture of my dinner every day (errr minus about 12) for a whole year, and posted them every fortnight! It was annoying sometimes, but kinda cool in the end. You can see the entire collection of posts here.

December 15th, 2013 – scarfed some thai curry when I got home after skeleton. So hungry I forgot to take a picture.

december 16th, 2013 – chili garlic pasta

december 17th, 2013 – spicy thai beef with green beans and red peppers

december 18th, 2013 – kokoda

december 19th, 2013 – curry chick peas and spinach

december 20th, 2013 – ham and cheese croissant sandwich

december 21st, 2013 – beef stir fry with noodles

December 22nd, 2013 – bagel sandwich scarfed down after getting home late after skeleton.

december 23rd, 2013 – quesadilla with black beans, avocado, and peppers

december 24th, 2013 – dragon noodles with shrimp

december 25th, 2013 – butter chicken, green beans, and homemade naan

december 26th, 2013 – turkey, leek, mushroom risotto

december 27th, 2013 – yam tempura, salmon belly nigiri, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, dynamite roll, cream cheese yam etc. etc. at Sake Cafe

Rosemarie, Scott and I all ordered from the sushi combo menu so we had 9 different things to share. Sake Cafe has added more things to their combo choices now!! They have 96 different things to choose from and I find that amazing. Why order anything else from the menu when you can create your own perfect combination of foods yourself?! I love this restaurant!!

december 28th, 2013 – diy stuffed crust pizza

Mine had some parts with cheese strings, some parts with hot dogs, and some parts with both. LOL. The hot dog part was way too salty tbh, but the cheese parts were awesome.

december 29th, 2013 – cheesy chicken leek pasta bake

december 30th, 2013 – fridge leftovers omelette and a roll

december 31st, 2013 – quick grilled cheese

Quick grilled cheese before heading out to Scott’s friends place for early NYE celebrations, then bowling for late night celebrations!

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