Daily Dinners Post #5 of 26

Hello future friends. I think this day doesn’t actually exist for me, since I leave Los Angeles on Sunday night and arrive in Fiji on Tuesday morning. Haha. Hoorary for pre-scheduled posts.

I missed a few dinners this time, oops. And my next daily dinners post will most likely be late… But hopefully I have lots of cool Fijian food to show you then.

The funniest meal this time was March 5th, when Scott made a really gross meal consisting of uncooked wet birdseed (millet) and really gross salmon. Maybe I sound really mean right now but he thought is was gross too. We choked down our salmon but everything else went in the trash. Then he made a giant batch of popcorn. Mmmm nutrition.

Favourite Recipe #5: ummm… can I choose the poutine? It was great.

february 24, 2013 – pad thai

feburary 25, 2013 – broccoli soup

february 26, 2013 – cheddar apple bacon bbq quesadilla

more pictures after the jump…

feburary 27, 2013 – hoisin salmon with quinoa

february 28, 2013 – scotanoff

march 1, 2013 – sushi special

missed meal: really really nice grilled cheese made from Scott’s homemade jalapeno bread

missed meal: Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger on the way home from Whistler.

march 4, 2013 – chicken pasta

march 5, 2013 – popcorn, after the worst meal ever

missed meal: spicy zucchini soup

march 7, 2013 – steak stroganoff poutine (!!)


    1. it’s nice to hear that you like the posts!! i worry that they will get boring/repetitive. i’m back from fiji now and have lots of new stuff to post!! soon…

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