Daily Dinners Post #8 of 26

It was a pretty good collection of food this time except for a few little slips. Ah well.

I don’t have many recipes linked for you this time because we either didn’t use a recipe or it was from a cook book I got from the library. The book is called High Flavor Low Labor and seems to have some interesting recipes. I was really intrigued with the idea of eating meat and veg with hummus instead of a starch, I would have never come up with that on my own. I love getting cook books from the library because you don’t have to pay a cent!!

Favourite recipe #8: Budget Bytes tuna casserole with olives. It was just so creamy and comforting. I loved the addition of kalamata olives!

april 7th, 2013 – kokoda

This turned out fabulous, if I do say so myself.

april 8th, 2013 – black bean and sweet potato burrito

april 9th, 2013 – sushi special and miso

(No I cannot eat all of that at once. Sushi for breakfast!)

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april 10th, 2013 – gross eggplant curry

Not sure why this recipe failed so badly. Blech.

april 11th, 2013 – tuna casserole with olives

april 12th, 2013 – yup, jalapeño cheetos

april 13th, 2013 – sausage and trader joe mini ravioli in tomato sauce

april 14th, 2013 – leftovers

april 15th, 2013 – spicy pork with hummus and steamed green beans

april 16th, 2013 – chicken green curry

april 17th, 2013 – perogies with roasted broccoli

april 18th, 2013 – chicken in peanut sauce with rice and veg

Not that photogenic but tasted nice! Next time Scott says he will add more liquid to the recipe so the sauce isn’t quite as thick.

april 19th, 2013 – fancy grilled cheese from Urban Fare

Top left is macaroni and cheese grilled cheese, top right is cinnamon apple grilled cheese, and bottom is pulled pork grilled cheese. We got this with Janine and split all of them. They were nice!! And quite a good deal because each sandwich was about $6 but came with a bowl of soup as well. This grilled cheese promotion continues for the rest of April at the Urban Fare on Alberni Street. I recommend!

april 20th, 2013 – fries, then later hors d’oeuvres at the CVAs

We only needed a snack so Scott had the burger and I ate the fries. :D We got little quiches and meat sticks and cucumber salmon bites at the VIP reception later.

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