I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.

I’ve still been sneezing all week… stupid trees. Kate thinks I might be allergic to birch because there is a big birch tree right outside our bedroom window and birches have a lot of pollen. I googled birch allergies and all sorts of frightening articles came up about “oral allergy symptom” where people with pollen allergies also develop sensitivities to lots of fruits and vegetables. UGH. I noticed today that my mouth felt more itchy after eating an apple. I will continue my study for the next little while.

Work has been a little bit crazy the past few days. As we get further and further along in my program the more we are expected to do on our own. The other day they had a staff meeting and me and the other student had to keep scanning while they were talking. AHH!! (We could easily go and grab a tech if we needed one, btw). Sometimes I feel like I am doing quite well and sometimes I feel like I suck. I have noooo idea really. I wish I could fast forward until September and just find out if I get hired anywhere or not. GAH.

Ever since I got back from Fiji I have been following a weight lifting plan from a book I got from the library. I lift 3 to 4 times a week and that’s it! I love it. The rush you get from being able to lift a heavier weight than the day before and the physical changes you can see in your body are very addicting. My plan is to stick with this all spring/summer and then by next skeleton season I will be much more capable.

Dad and Kate’s visit to Vancouver was very nice. Very short, but I will take what I can get! We rented a car so we could bring them to and from the airport and we met up with Winnie and ate delicious sushi. That and sleeping and them washing off 2 weeks of Fiji sweat pretty much¬†encompassed¬†their whole visit, haha. They should definitely come back.

This coming weekend should be a good one. We will get to hang out with Janine tomorrow, and go to the Fan Expo and the Canadian Video Game Awards on Saturday. I finally get to have my neck ultrasound (apparently I have an enlarged thyroid), and I don’t have too much homework. WOOHOO!

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