Day 1 of Solitude

Day 1 of solitude hasn’t been so bad.

Scott actually didn’t have to leave until around 11 AM so we had a lazy morning together. We ate sushi leftovers and played NHL 12 on the Playstation. I got the game for a present for Scott through some special connections at school. I knew he wanted it and the price was right so I got it. Actually it was pretty fun playing it against each other this morning, but maybe only because we were both equally bad at it. Once he gets good I probably won’t want to play any. But anyway, the commentators were funny and the graphics are pretty cool. And I (Sens) beat him (Canucks) 2-1. YEAH.

Yesterday was lots of fun. My aunt and uncle came over for dinner. Rosemarie and Scott did most of the cooking, which was nice. Rosemarie made pork dumplings, and I chopped up the vegetables and fish for sushi. Scott made white chocolate raspberry mini cheesecakes. Then Rosemarie rolled all the sushi and then I dropped it on the floor. We ate it anyway. Take a look at our feast!

We had lots of leftovers. Fine by me!!

After dinner we played two games of Settlers. I love Settlers. What a great game. I wish we were rich so I could buy THIS. Only $489.95! (and that one doesn’t even come with a trunk. yeesh)

Anyway I finished two lab reports today, which is good. I’ve still got three assignments and studying to do tomorrow. And grocery shopping. Blech.

I hope I sleep better tonight, I’ve had two very bad insomnia nights in a row. :(


  1. You could make your own 3D settlers game. It could be a project for the future. At least I am pretty sure your could make the 3D tiles.

  2. katrina – i think we buy from one of the canadian distributors of your game that you want … should I check into it – wholesale is usually about half the price you see…. jill

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