Day 3 of Solitude – Very Busy!

Quick post before I attempt to go to sleep.

Got two midterms back at school today. Great results, I’m very happy with these marks.

Tonight was hectic. A lot of cramming for tomorrow’s radiation safety midterm. I was supposed to go to a friends house for dinner tonight but we postponed because neither of us had studied yet. Irresponsibly I still went out for a quick sushi dinner with Rosemarie and David, where we ate some delicious sushi and planned a bunch of stuff for this coming Epic Whistler Weekend.


I come home and find out that the other guys cabin was actually booked up. Panic! Rosemarie and David had to do some brainstorming and calling and coordinating plans with ~6 people with different preferences and budgets. This involved calling the hostel, texting my friend, emailing with people I didn’t even know, texting the club coordinator who is MIA, texting Quinny who works at Whistler this year etc etc. We booked as many hostel beds as we could but a couple of us are going to have to camp/crash on Quinny’s floor.

In the end Rosemarie did a great job of figuring things out and mass emailing, and probably if I wasn’t so behind on studying for this midterm I wouldn’t be stressed out. I need to do some relaxation exercises.

Tomorrow should be a lot calmer.

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