Day 5 of Solitude – Wow, Already??!!

Going to Whistler this weekend with:

  • Rosemarie
  • Wits and Wagers Brian
  • D Hab
  • Agricola Rob
  • Dylan #3

Such an odd group. Rosemarie is THE NUCLEUS because she is the only one who has met everyone else.

So funny that the two of us ended up doing most of the planning of the SFU SKELETON WEEKEND when 1. I do not go to SFU and 2. Rosemarie is not even in the club and is not going skeleton-ing.

Anyway things are finally falling into place. My stress levels are dropping and my iksidid levels are rising (exponentially).

Now back to homework, so that I can get back to camera shopping later. Speaking of that, if you have any opinion whatsoever on CANON REBEL T3 versus NIKON D3100 pleassssseee let me know. Now.


  1. My Camera, not sure if you saw it when I was visiting you, is the Nikon. I like it but I don’t use many of the auto setting, just mainly aperture size and shutter speed. I find the lens is a big thing. I don’t have a nikon lens. Overall the camera does what I want and I can get pretty good pics with it.

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