Day 7 of Solitude – Off To Whistler

Busy day but just thought I’d write a quick post that lets you know what we’re up to this weekend.

In a couple minutes I’ll be leaving for Rosemarie’s place where everyone is meeting. We’ll pack up the cars and drive to Whistler. It’s a bit yuck out but not too bad. Saturday and Sunday morning we have skeleton and then I’m not sure if I’m going to go snowboarding after that. I’ve packed my snowboard but I’m going to wait and see if there are half day tickets available or if I can get up the hill in any other kind of way, even if it’s just for one long run because it’s really expensive. We’re staying in a different hotel each night, thanks to some cheap deals. Both have hot tubs though! And then we’ll come home Sunday after the ski day is over.

It’s actually a great weekend for me to get away, because I DO NOT HAVE ANY MIDTERMS NEXT WEEK. WHATTT???! And I’ve done a whole bunch of my work early so I can have a pretty relaxed weekend with nearly no school stress. It will feel nice after the past couple weeks.

Lots of laughs, games, food and winter fun ahead! I only wish Scott could have come up with us too. (He’s having a pretty good time in hot hot hot Melbourne though…)

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