Epic Weekend Ahead


I am already so so excited for this coming weekend. Scott got the 24th off so now he has a five day weekend!! It’s nice that we get to have a little holiday together. We really haven’t been doing that lately, he’s been to Australia twice without me, I went to Ottawa without him, he went to Edmonton for work for two weeks without me, I’m going to Fiji without him and then he’s going to Australia again without me!!! It is silly how badly our vacations have been working out.

ANYWAY this long weekend is gonna be funnnnn. Santa skiing, skeleton, more skiing, a kegger, Christmas… all while being at Whistler with friends?!! Can’t get any better than this!

Added bonus that we have awesome friends who are letting us stay with them, and drive their cars, and that we can get a free lift ticket by dressing like Santa on Saturday. Epic fun weekend while still on a budget!! Perfection!


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