Not Everything Is Bad

I do have some fun stuff to talk about too….

Scott and I are meeting Rosemarie in Hawaii in November. Natasha is coming too! We’ve booked a little cottage near Kailua Beach and it’s going to be such a fun trip. I am really looking forward to that. Also it means Rosemarie is on her way home so that’s awesome.

We went out for a nice dinner at Miku last night. We tried their fancy seared pressed sushi and stuff and drank fancy cocktails. It was nice but really expensive for what you get. I’ll post pictures in my next daily dinners post.

Now that I’m done school and unemployed I have lots of time to do stuff like go to the gym and do crafts. I’ve got a whole bunch of little projects in mind to start on soon. I can paint my nails again too!!

Lesley and Vipi came over the other night to celebrate being done the program. We drank and ate cheezies and played two games of Ticket To Ride. :)

Skeleton tryouts are next Saturday. Unfortunately for me they changed the testing protocol to mostly sprints so my performance is probably going to be highly embarrassing, but I think I’m still going to give it a go. Scott reminded me that not anyone can say they’ve even tried out for a provincial team, which was quite convincing.


  1. When are you going to Hawaii? LOL I am coming to Vancouver for a conference in November at the beginning. Any chance you’ll be there?

        1. yep!! i think we miss the pro one by a couple days but the level below pro will be on. that will still be fun to watch! i’m hoping to do some surfing myself this time too (on much much much smaller waves..)

  2. Good luck with the tryouts……it never hurts to try, and you may meet some interesting people through the experience to help you learn even more.

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