Goals For the Next Two Weeks and Beyond

Countdown to the CAMRT certification exam: 14 days

My goals for the next 2 weeks:

  • study a lot
  • eat a real breakfast and lunch every day
  • prepare good meals for dinner every day
  • do lots of exercise (5x/week) – gym/swimming/HIIT/yoga?
  • drink lots of water
  • save $$ and bus tickets by walking/biking
  • paint my nails while I can!

And beyond:

  • get a job of some sort (hopefully NM!!)
  • start doing art projects again
  • play more board games
  • meet new friends


  1. Hi, I’m a longtime reader (found you while googling about BCIT programs) and just wanted to say good luck on your certification exam as well as the job hunt! I’m on my practicum right now for the med lab program and am nervous about finding a job after graduation as well. I heard there is a hiring freeze right now, not sure if it applies to you guys as well?

    1. hey thanks for writing!! there isn’t an official hiring freeze going on, but most likely nothing is going to happen in the next couple of weeks while the departments all get used to their new schedules. i HOPE it goes back to normal soon. so stressful!! good luck with your med lab stuff!

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