First Week of Work

Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Boston Pizza perogie pizza. That’s kind of like getting paid, right? :/

First week of work went well: we got free food twice in five days. That’s pretty good statistics.

The non-food part went pretty well too. I’m on a camera (this week and next week) that sees a lot of variety which is good and bad. Good because it’s not boring, bad because it’s hard for me to help out when everything is new. But we also do quite a lot of bone scans and I am getting ok at preparing and running those.

Today was sweaty. Lead aprons are not exactly breezy.

My goals for the week were to drink more water and to talk louder. I semi-succeeded at both. Goal for next week: get less flustered. I have to say that trying to remember things when they are actually happening is A LOT harder than remembering things when you are sitting quietly writing an exam.

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