Three Weeks in Fiji

You may have seen it on Facebook or Twitter already, but my clinical placement coordinator guy approved my plan to be able to visit Rosemarie in Fiji for longer! Basically I was already planning on visiting her there during my March Break, but then I did a little brainstorming and realized that maybe I could sacrifice my two weeks off at the end of this this summer in order to get two extra weeks off around March Break. It’s so cheap in Fiji (so I’ve been told) I figure I might as well just stay longer, hehe.

So I emailed him a week or so ago, and I just found out on Thursday that he sees no flaws with my plan! I AM SO EXCITED. IKSIDID. So I will work at the Children’s Hospital for the last two weeks of the summer. Bye bye summer, HELLO THREE WEEKS IN FIJI! I think it will be worth it.

Scott will probably just go for a week. He has to work, plus he is also going back to Melbourne in December again for his sister’s wedding (I can’t go to that because it is directly in the middle of my exams). A lot of big travel in the next 10 months!! Definitely blowing the travel budget for the next looooong time after that.


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