I’m still alive and happy. The last week was pretty amazing, lots of beaches, aqua coloured water, snorkelling, great food etc etc. I’m back in Nadi just for tonight to get re-grouped and (somewhat) cleaned and then I’m off again to new places. I will meet up with Rosemarie again in the next couple of days where she is doing her dive course. Then we’ll go back to Suva for a night or so and then we head off together to go see dad and Kate!!!!!!!!!! All for now, I can see my internet credits disappearing quickly. Sorry so brief.



  1. Katrina – can’t tell you how happy I am to read that you are meeting up with your dad and Kate! I didn’t realize that the family reunion would be in Fiji! How wonderful! I hope it is the special time for you and Rosemarie that it should be – all of you deserve it so much.

    We aren’t too far away from each other (well in the same hemisphere) but a millions miles different in geography and people!

    Enjoy it all – we are!
    love j&j

    1. thanks jill. i’m slowly catching up on all the blog posts i missed out on while i was gone!! it’s neat to see your pics of W.A., brings back lots of fun memories.
      the family reunion was short but nice. and scott and i will see them again in 2 weeks for there short stopover in vancouver. :)

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