Homework and Banana Cases

Extreme homework weekend!

Yesterday I sat at my desk for like ten hours. I listened to the entire Triple J Hottest 100 from 2010 playlist which is nearly seven hours long! And then I still did more work after that. And today I’ve spent all morning working on a paper and I still want to start my anatomy midterm notes. I’m hoping that if I do all this stuff now I will have a relatively easy week.

Paper Draft1 is now complete and printed out for proofreading! Woot.

Also banana muffins are in the oven.

Our freezer was getting a little full of frozen bananas so I decided to make up a batch of mom’s choc chip banana bread (in muffin format). Really I might as well stop trying to bring bananas to school because they get SO smashed before I am ready to eat them, so I end up bringing them home and putting them in the freezer.

I really need a banana case.

I saw some at the Granville Market (I think) but they were hard plastic in only one shape, so if your banana doesn’t fit you are out of luck. In my mind I have invented a banana case made of flexible but sturdy tubing (maybe corrugated bendable tubing?) that you can slip over any banana.

New plan: drop out of school and manufacture banana cases while training up for the 2018 Olympics. Yes?



  1. I have one of the banana cases! They are great, and I think I have only ever had 1 banana that didn’t fit in the case and I eat a banana almost everyday. Worth the investment according to me.

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