New Nails and Skeleton Update

I water marbled my nails last weekend during a break from schoolwork. I did rainbow colours this time and am quite pleased with how they turned out. I kinda need a brighter green though, I think.

I won’t be buying any though because I officially signed up for skeleton club. Scott and I discussed it a lot and decided that this is a pretty neat opportunity that may not come up again and in the long run what difference is a few hundred dollars going to make. In ten years I would regret not doing it more than regret spending the money, I think. Anyway so now I am on ultra-budget.

Of possible interest: My water marbling tutorial.

The first skeleton trip is next next weekend. :D I am iksidid.


  1. How in the world do you get the water marbling to work out so well?? I finally tried it today, and only 2/5 nails turned out. I have a new appreciation for your water marbling skills.

    1. patience i guess. i usually have to redo a few of them. my #1 tip: do only one nail at a time, even though it is kind of wasteful, it takes less time to do that then to have to start all over again from base coat when one gets screwed up. also if the nail polish isn’t spreading out quickly on the water surface, then it won’t work. i don’t know what makes some brands work better than others, but yeah.

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