Hot Lab and Fitness

I survived my first ever hot lab rotation. Waking up at 5:10AM was not fun for me at all, but once I got to work it was pretty good. It was an enjoyable two weeks of making kits, drawing doses, doing lots of injections, putting in lots of IVs, and running the stress lab. I used to find stress lab very stressful (for me!), but I am way more comfortable doing it now. And I improved a lot in putting in IVs. They’re no longer scary, it’s fun to try now! Sorry to all those patients that I poked unsuccessfully though…….

Hot lab was really tiring but I still managed to go to the gym a few times per week. Lately I’ve been doing about 30-45 minutes of assorted weights (mostly machines, because I don’t know anything) and then 20-30 minutes on the elliptical. I can’t see much progress yet other than a little weight loss, but I’m still motivated. Skeleton is a good motivator.

I am excited to make a real fitness/food plan when I come back from Fiji. Random stuff is ok for now because my Fiji trip is going to throw everything off, but when I get back I’m probably going to follow one of the plans in the books I got from the library. And get some help from some friends that are more gym savvy. I want to get strong!

I don’t have any pictures to share this time. Going to bed at 8PM does not leave a lot of time to do fun stuff.

Scott got his last three wisdom teeth out. He is recovering very well so far. DENTAL PLAN!

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