Ice Cream

I had another doctors appointment on Friday. All my tests came back negative again, and due to how I felt the night before the appointment with definitely no dairy- dairy issues were ruled out as well. The doc seems pretty content to say I have ‘stress-induced IBS’. Bummer.

I might try yoga. Mom seemed to like it. I’m just shy about learning it in a group. I’ll look for beginners classes or something. And probiotics.

To celebrate being able to eat dairy Scott and I stopped for ice cream on the way back from our very unsuccessful shopping trip in the city (couldn’t find anything we were looking for). This ice cream shop always intrigued me, because it’s open very late every day and is always busy, even though it’s winter and it’s in a weird industrial-type location not close to any houses at all, and strangely has Chinese writing on the sign, as well as Italian.

Anyway we went in and saw that they have 218 flavours of ice cream, including very weird ones like balsamic vinegar, garlic, curry, durian, fennel, corn etc. etc. You’re allowed to try them so I tried the ‘pear gorgonzola’ ice cream which was not surprisingly quite strange. It really did taste like cheese. Cold cheese.

They also had many many many normal flavours. Scott settled on mint Oreo, and I got hazelnut fudge.

This isn’t my picture but this is half of the inside of the store.


  1. I go to a yoga on a quasi-regular basis and I really enjoy it. I started by going to this free “ghetto yoga” class where I felt more comfortable because it’s not populated by people in Lulu Lemon. But recently I’ve been going to a proper yoga studio and even there I don’t feel weird or out of place! Just do it! Look on Groupon or another site like that for a discount on a group of like 10 classes.

  2. That ice cream place is the best. It is weird though – in that strange industrial area, with no one around. I think I got Mexican spicy chocolate when I was there. I also tasted the balsamic vinegar… really does taste like vinegar.

  3. Yoga

    Hi Katrina,
    Yes. You should try yoga!
    If me, being an overweight old lady can do it, you can do it! Just get to class early and position yourself at the back of the room (versus up front and central).
    Yoga is all about ones self and going at your own pace. It is not a comparison of what you can do compared to someone else. So don’t worry about making a spectacle of yourself. Most people are so busy with themselves making sure they don’t fall over or lose their balance and make a spectacle of themselves that they don’t even notice how others are doing. Also, you get into odd positions where you can’t even see what or how others are doing.
    When your mom and I used to go, she took me to the ‘non basic’ class. I am truy a basic. So I did simpler forms of the same exercise.
    The yoga instructor is important. They will make or break whether you like the class or not. Maybe there is a yoga forum which will give you some good instructor names.
    Jane Keogh.

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