Ikea Hack: Eivor Cushion + Sharpies

OOO the pillow I used for my latest crafty project is on the cover of the new IKEA catalog!

ikea eivor

On a trip to IKEA about a bazillion years ago I begged Scott to let me buy this Eivor cushion. We had no need for it at all but I was drawn to it (pun intended). IT SPOKE TO ME. And it said “COLOUR ME KATRINA, COLOUR ME NOW.”

So I did. Slowly over several sessions I coloured it in with Sharpies. Mmmm fumes.

About half way in I really wasn’t sure if it was actually one of my best ideas (it looked kind of horrible?) but when I coloured in the very last section I was really really pleased. I think it looks awesome now. And it doesn’t smell like Sharpie any more.



  1. Sharpie can be heat set. Iron it at high heat for 5-10 minutes, moving the iron constantly, and the sharpie should be a little less likely to rub off or bleed. You can also toss the pillow cover in a hot dryer to set the sharpie–but I don’t know if that particular cushion cover it dryer friendly. I bought the same cushion (and some fabric) on my last trip to IKEA with the thought of coloring both.

  2. I saw the pillow on Facebook, fell in love. Just moved and was going to run to Ikea to buy the pillow and design my living room around it…..then saw you did it…….and what was even funnier?????………My name is Kateryna……..lol. Pronounce it same as you just spell it differently…..lol. Wonder if it is in the name………..

  3. I LOVE your idea! I bough the cushion and started coloring it and had the colors run, did you have this problem as well…

    1. no, not really. that’s a bummer! i use a very light hand when i’m colouring on fabrics, especially the first few strokes of each colour. good luck with your pillow, i hope you can save it!

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