School Talk

We finally found out our fall and spring hospital placements. I got what I wanted (St. Paul’s Hospital for fall, and Surrey Hospital for spring) so I am pleased. I will be the only student at both of those hospitals, which is OK I guess?…. more attention for me at least.

I am not looking forward to this upcoming school year though. We have 33 hours of class a week this fall!! OMG. And while I will get to see the other half of the class every Friday in the fall semester, we won’t see the other group AT ALL in the longer winter semester and that bums me out a lot. :(((((((

I think that entire last paragraph is why I’ve been having terrible insomnia for the last week or so. :(

ALSO! I finished my time at VGH (did I say that already?). My last performance evaluation was pretty good so I guess it went well there. I hope they remember me next fall when I’ll be looking for a job!!

Now I will spend the next two weeks at the Children’s Hospital and that is going to be intense/interesting. I have no clue how I am going to do with the children. And the parents. At least I will not be expected to do any injections. Whew!

Last thing, Joe Fresh school supplies are sooooo cheap!!! Packs of paper for 17 cents? Cool looking spiral bound notebooks for 15 cents? 6 highlighters for 50 cents? WHAT IS HAPPENING! I bought all my back to school stuff for like $3 at Superstore. SWEET.

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